FaxSee Pro is a smart and reliable professional fax viewer and fax converter, that offers you a full solution to open, view, print ALL your fax images and convert other fax to TIFF/FAX format. FaxSee Pro supports many FAX file formats, such as: · TIFF/FAX files, compressed by MH, MR, MMR, group 3 fax, Group 4 fax, PackBits B&W, and uncompressed B&W tiff, etc. · FaxWizard FMF fax; · WinFax FXD FXS FXR FXM fax; · DCX fax (DCX black-white) fax; · APRO, MightyFax APF fax; · CALS Group IV (Type 1) CAL IMG MIL CALS GP4 ODA RAS fax; · Bitware BFX fax; · MS AWD fax; · Zetafax G3F G3N fax; · Quick Link QFX fax; · Kofax Ascent Capture DS fax; · Other CCITT Group 3 (T.4) and CCITT Group 4 (T.6) compressed fax, such as G3 g31d g32d G4 mr mmr raw FAX, etc. Able to flip mirror slide show fax images, and browse fax in thumbnail viewing mode. It is error tolerable. You can flip, mirror, slide show, thumb view fax images!







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1. Browse fax in thumbnail view. 2. Quickly find and print fax, re-size or crop fax with two click interface. 3. Play audio while browse fax (optional) 4. Open, view, save, print, print multiple fax images. 5. PDF fax, TIFF/FAX conversion. 6. Fax, scanning, fax to e-mail, fax to print functions. 7. Other fax conversion functions, such as: * Fax Web Page from fax (standard print settings). * Call up fax on your smart phone. * Fax to fax in the background. * Convert fax to TIFF format. * ZIP archive fax; * PDF fax; * Drag and drop fax; * Imitate the original fax. * Search for specific fax number. FaxSee Pro are simple, customizable and easy to use, still powerful enough to deliver a fast browsing performance on 300px or larger image size. TIFF to FaxSee Pro 1. TIFF to FaxSee Pro. 2. Preview TIFF fax image, view fax image in thumbnail view. 3. Print TIFF fax image. 4. Fax back any fax or pull fax image on the Internet. FaxSee Pro Help: About FaxSee Pro: FaxSee Pro is the first and only professional viewer & converter for computer. It is the full solution for viewing, browsing, printing & converting all your fax images. From computer to TIFF/FAX image. From TIFF/FAX image to PDF, FaxSee Pro offer you a fast and reliable tool to browse, print and convert fax. With this program, you can also send fax image to phone/e-mail. Open fax image, zoom in & out, flip, flip left or flip right, rotate, crop, rotate left or rotate right, rotate, adjust the brightness, contrast, saturation, hue, etc. Convert TIFF to Fax and Fax to TIFF. Save or print your fax images. With this program, you can also convert fax to TIFF format and send fax image to phone/e-mail. The most supported FAX image formats include: TIFF/FAX, FaxWizard, DCX, Quick Link, and so on. To convert various fax format into TIFF. You can change fax format and send fax image

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· Open, view, print ANY FAX images! · View and print ANY FAX images! · Flip, mirror, slide show, thumb view FAX images! · Open, view, convert ANY other FAX format to TIFF/FAX · View and convert ANY other FAX format to TIFF/FAX · Convert other FAX formats to TIFF/FAX with batch mode · Print any TIFF or FAX · Free to keep the software on your computer, even you have no internet connection. About GetFaxView GetFaxView is one of the most popular fax software programs. Over 1 million customers have installed our software and it has been awarded «Top Ten Best Overall Software» and «Best Free Fax Software» by PC World Magazine, CNN, PC Magazine and PC Mag. GetFaxView is also the official program of The Fax Machine, the largest U.S. manufacturer of fax machines, which is the #1 brand in the U.S. and globally for high-quality, easy-to-use and convenient fax machines. GetFaxView is available for Windows XP/2000/98/Me/NT4/2K/3K, Mac OS X and Linux. Also, getFaxView supports virtually all popular fax machines as well as most modems and IP Phones. 30+ million users have been fooled by these fake download links. These links either direct you to websites that claim to have free software or sites that have been hacked. Freebooter is always committed to providing high-quality software for our users, but you can be sure that we will never give our customers a fake virus or a site to download viruses. Please know that you are safe to download from Freebooter, and that we only provide clean, tested software. Downloading and installing freeware requires several steps, please read the following before downloading: downloading freeware requires several steps, please read the following before downloading: 1. You must have Windows installed. Mac and Linux users can use GetFaxView, but this software is for Windows only. 2. Download using a download manager like «GetIt» or «SaveMe». Do not download directly from an «Unofficial» download site. 3. In the installer, be sure you double-click on the «setup.exe» icon and choose to have the executable files installed in the default folder. 4. 2f7fe94e24

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• Ability to view, print, convert, and delete faxes. • Enable fax to PDF conversion, e-mail sending, and converting fax to PDF. • Flip, mirror, slide show, thumb view, and print fax image. • The special fax viewer feature for convenient handling of fax images and documents. • Many popular image format support. • The function support sending e-mail or print fax image • The function to convert fax to PDF file • The built-in fax client supports to submit job to a remote server or other fax machines. • The function to convert fax to PDF file • The built-in fax client supports to submit job to a remote server or other fax machines • The function to print fax image to PDF file Additional features: · The feature to export fax image to PDF file · The function to convert fax to MS Word document · The feature to copy fax image into clipboard · The ability to delete fax images and convert fax to PDF. · The ability to convert fax to document format such as TXT, DOC, RTF, HTML, and PDF. · The ability to convert fax to image format such as JPG, TIF, BMP, PNG, EMF, GIF, WBMP. In short, FaxSee Pro is a complete fax viewer that provides professional user interface to efficiently view, print and convert fax. With FaxSee Pro, you will not miss out on any of your important fax events. You can even reuse fax numbers and print faxes again later on. FaxSplitter is a powerful fax splitter. With this simple yet powerful tool, you can split any number of faxes into their corresponding parts. It supports sending each part to a different fax machine. With the newest batch mode, the saved files can be re-saved with original properties. There is a new preview function which allows you to preview the document files before saving. The accurate preview makes you easy to judge whether to delete a part or not. Version 1.1Added: · Power OFF/ON option (most of PC can be turned off, or turned on. Other PC cannot be turned off, or turned on.) · New power mode (start/stop, stop, off, off/on) Version 1.0Added: · Convert PICT, BMP, GIF, JPG image to a Fax File · Save fax files into the

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FaxSee Pro consists of three parts: Fax (Viewer), Fax (Converter) and Fax (Translator). Fax (Viewer) can open all kinds of faxes and supports many fax file formats. To see fax more clearly, you may set a DPI value lower. More details please visit Some examples: · TIFF FAX More details please visit: · QuickLink QFX More details please visit: · FaxWizard FMF More details please visit: · DCX (Fax Format) More details please visit: Fax (Converter) is able to convert the image to jpeg, bmp, tiff, tif, jpeg 2000, etc. More details please visit: File format list (TIFF/FAX) TIFF More details please visit: Fax (Converter) often comes with a fax converter, but it’s not our best FAX converter, so please try FaxSee Pro (Viewer) first. FAX image can be converted to JPG, BMP, TIFF, TIF, JPG 2000, etc. We have tested many fax converters, but the best one is FaxSee Pro (Viewer). Fax (Translator) is capable of converting all other formats to TIFF/FAX, and save all the image formats into TIFF/FAX format. You can retrieve these formats from your fax server, or from your fax modem. More details please visit: — You can convert into these formats from your fax modem: — All TIFF fax: More details please visit: — All JPG fax: More details please visit: — All BMP fax:


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Xbox 360 Memory: 2 GB Processor: 2.0 GHz Network: Broadband Internet connection Multi-core processor (SSE 2.0) Windows Vista (32-bit) Windows 7 (32-bit) HDD: 3 GB Mouse, Keyboard Windows Vista (