First impressions are pivotal when meeting new people and potential business partners, and just as your wardrobe can tell what kind of a person you are, so can a business card tell people how seriously you take your work. EximiousSoft Business Card Designer Pro is an app that will help you design a good looking business card that will increase your credibility within the business world. A familiar looking app The app's UI is simple to get used to since it is modeled after several other similar software tools, such as several apps from the Microsoft Office package. Even so, the self-explanatory nature of EximiousSoft Business Card Designer Pro's menus allows even inexperienced users to figure out quickly what is what. One thing worth mentioning is that the color palette is a bit lacking since the black fonts overlapping the grey backgrounds seem a bit hard to see in some situations. Create business cards the way you want them to be The list of customization options that this app puts at your disposal regarding card design goes on and on since each sub-menu is dedicated towards certain aspects of designing business cards and they are feature-full. For example, the "Object" sub-menu is packed with options that let you design the minor details on your business card, such as the text, which can be aligned, twisted and turned. However, you want it. After completing your perfect business card, you may save it in a proprietary file format called BCDP (Business card Designer Pro files) which can be later opened for further editing. You may also export the business cards as images, graphics files or PDF files which can be emailed easily. Additionally, this utility also supports printing and gives you access to several printing options from the number of cards per page to alignment or page layout. A great app for creating business cards EximiousSoft Business Card Designer Pro is a neat software tool that lets you create the perfect business card which by definition should be a reflection of both your business and your personality.







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————————————————————————————————————————- Music by EpidemicSound ( Music nr 1: Music nr 2: Music nr 3: Music nr 4: Music nr 5: Music nr 6: Music nr 7: published:02 Oct 2014 views:2098583 back EximiousSoft Business Card Creator Studio – Make High-Quality Business Cards in Minutes EximiousSoft Business Card Creator Studio is an app that will help you design a good looking business card that will increase your credibility within the business world. A familiar looking app… EximiousSoft Business Card Creator Studio is an app that will help you design a good looking business card that will increase your credibility within the business world. A familiar looking app with a UI that is similar to several other software tools, such as several apps from the Microsoft Office package. In addition to being a successful app, EximiousSoft Business Card Creator Studio is also very easy to use. The simple to understand UI allows even inexperienced users to figure out quickly what is what. Even so, the self-explanatory nature of EximiousSoft Business Card Creator Studio’s menus allows even experienced users to come back to it time and again when dealing with certain issues. A number of features were also included who will add personality to your business card and give it that extra unique touch! — Change the color of your business card — Add a watermark and signatur to your business card — Change the background color to add a personal touch — Add photos to your business card — Add glitter frames to your business card — Change the font

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Create interactive 360° business cards for free! Createmixed from images, texts and graphics.Have your virtual business card turned into a 3D surface that can be viewed fromany angle and can be presented as an interactive PDF. Ready to use topresent your business card online, this card can be used as a standart marketingchannel for your business. Createmixed! Take a look at the button to see the full process of creatingyour business card: Download Free Business Card Software How to Design an Engaging Business Card Top 10 Common Business Card Mistakes Business Card Software Comparison Chart: The Bu… What are the best Business Card design software? How many Business Cards do I need to make before I can start calling myself an entrepreneur? Business Cards are a really good idea and just about any entrepreneur will tell you the same thing. They are a good way to start building your customer base. But like anything that contains multiple parts, they are not easy to make and they not easy to design. So if you are thinking of making or upgrading your Business Card, watch this video on 10 of the most common mistakes that people make, so you can be sure you are not going to make the same mistakes. The best part of this video is the five solutions that fix each of the mistakes. So you can fix the misprints, the bad color combination, the oversold product, the lack of innovation, and the missing text. Now, this video has tons of information and lots of solutions to common problems, and if you get stuck, you can leave a comment and ask a question and I can help you. VideoScript: VideoScript: 1. A common mistake people make is making the back side of the card look like the front. 2. “It just doesn’t feel right, the front is pretty and that is the only thing I have designed.” 3. So then you have the wrong color combinations. 4. You have to think about your small product and you do a lot of work to design something that is going to be useful. 5. Take your time, try to plan and do more than one card. 6. Make sure that the fonts are easily readable in certain colors. 7. The small size is a common mistake. 8. Don’t use too much text. 7ef3115324

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Business card designer to create professional business card in few minutes. Advanced features to design professional business card. Support PDF printing and exporting. Compatible for Windows 7 and higher. Easy to use yet full of power. Friday, October 29, 2013 KoolSoft Imager is a cheap but decent photo editor which came as a basic standalone program, then it was later incorporated into the stock-photo manager PixFam, and finally it was released as a standalone app which runs both on Linux and Windows. Is PixFam good? Well, it depends. If you love the stock-photo manager’s particular way of organizing your collection, then it is a breeze to handle, but its iOS-like GUI is, to put it politely, a little hard to grasp. On the other hand, if you are a casual user and are not searching for many advanced features, PixFam is a good option as it is one of the oldest image-editors around, and it has many of those bells and whistles that have remained a standard feature for most image-editors since the middle of the 1990s, such as cropping, resizing and rotating, etc. With over 10 million photos, PixFam is also one of the largest stock photo collections we have reviewed on Android and iOS. The interface is clean and easy to use and, unlike many smaller stock-photo sites, PixFam offers images from a very wide range of categories, such as animals, people, landscapes, nature, etc. Here is an overview of some of the coolest features of PixFam: — Browse your photos through a simple web interface and sort them into categories — Free daily upload — Unlimited downloads — Image download widget — Free unlimited uploads of JPEGs, GIFs, PNGs, DNGs, XMPs and other image formats — Edit photos — Crop photos — Rotate photos — Adjust brightness, contrast and saturation — Sharpen and De-Noise photos — Add eye-catching effects to photos — Download photos into your device’s storage (via Wi-Fi) — Export photos in popular formats: JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP, and TIFF — Create a search engine of your photos — Share photos with Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Google+, etc — Create slideshows with a number of photos and music — Join a social network of your friends and family

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EximiousSoft XLSX to MySQL Converter Suite provides three powerful tools: one to convert XLSX file to MySQL table, one to convert MySQL table to XLSX file and another to convert XLSX file to MySQL table. All of them is easy to use and features are described as following. One to convert XLSX file to MySQL table: 1. It directly converts XLSX file with all the data into MySQL table. 2. For large XLSX file, it can divide them into several smaller XLSX files and import them into MySQL table respectively. 3. Key property like column names are preserved during conversion process. One to convert MySQL table to XLSX file: 1. All data will be exported to XLSX format. 2. Multiple sheets can be selected into a single XLSX file. One to convert XLSX file to MySQL table: 1. Each MySQL table is directly imported to XLSX file. 2. All the data can be import into corresponding MySQL table. It is featured with features that: 1. No database, no programming knowledge needed. 2. All fields information is preserved during conversion. 3. All tables functions can be applied. All these tools allow you to edit XLSX files and MySQL tables, to check error and to export the modifications to XLSX file and MySQL table. It is very easy to use. Just add your XLSX file as an input, it will be imported to a corresponding MySQL table, then you can export the XLSX file back to new XLSX file. It works for Batch conversion on large number of XLSX files. This software demonstrates an intelligent library management method. The source file organization is divided into several directories, where the related source codes are stored according to the categories. By choosing different categories, the system provides the users with the feature of fast searching of the related source codes. This way, you have many classes to search the code-related documents at the same time. This DLL software can be executed on Windows 2003/XP/2000/NT4/95/98/ME/2000 operating system. Microsoft Project 2003, 2000 and 2002 is supported. This compatible project structure modeling tool can manage your project in a clear, logical and efficient way, besides providing many out of the box templates to help you rapidly build your project. You may have various types

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Supported OS: Windows 10 Windows 8.1 Windows 7 Browser: Internet Explorer 11 (or Edge), Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari Minimum system requirements for installing the game: Processor: 2 GHz Intel or AMD CPU Memory: 1 GB of RAM Graphics: Intel HD 4000 or AMD HD 5000 or better Storage: 15 GB available space Additional Notes: The game requires an internet connection. Languages: English FAQs: