As a white-moving Latinx and queer girl, Libby understands the many diverse and intersectional sizes of tradition that induce one’s lived experience. These experiences impact her are a systemic oriented therapist. She aims to create a safe, welcoming atmosphere for each of her customers to sense affirmed and noticed.

Libby believes each obstacle is unique to every individual and their journey, and everyone offers inherent strengths and abilities to greatly help them navigate those obstacles. Libby works with her clients to rediscover those skills and use them to the specific difficulties they’re facing. By incorporating multicultural and systemic oriented frameworks, Libby works to ensure each customer is supported, challenged, and empowered to become their best authentic self.

Libby enjoys working with people, partnerships (e.g., young couples or polycules), and milf foot porn families who are facing problems with lifetime transitions, communication, loss of intimacy, milf facesit infidelity. She also enjoys working with BIPOC clients and those in the T/LGBTQ+ area. She actually is particularly enthusiastic about human being sexuality, like kink, and consensual non-monogamy. During Libby’s undergraduate career, she completed a thesis exploring feminine orgasm and also volunteered at a community-based nonprofit corporation supporting women coping with HIV.