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Semen quality in men with testicular germ cell cancer: association with treatment. The effects of therapy on semen quality were investigated in men with testicular germ cell cancer (TGCC). Within 9 months of diagnosis, semen analysis was performed in 52 men with TGCC. Thirteen of these men had chemotherapy, 23 had surgery, and 16 had radiotherapy. An attempt was made to correlate semen quality parameters, including sperm concentration, motility, morphology and total sperm count, with pathological stage and therapy. Sperm concentration and morphology appeared unaffected by therapy. The total sperm count was significantly lower in men who had received chemotherapy than in men who had not. Men who had had chemotherapy had a significantly lower concentration of normal spermatozoa than the control group. Fewer counts were, however, found in this latter group than in men receiving other forms of treatment. Men who had had chemotherapy and surgery or radiotherapy had the lowest sperm concentration, but these values were not significantly different from the control group. It was concluded that semen quality can be adversely affected in men with TGCC by the administration of chemotherapy and that this occurs particularly by the administration of bleomycin.In the world of TV, reality is often a cruel mistress. On the one hand, reality TV shows are omnipresent: from the popular game show “Survivor” to the newest cooking show “Restaurants: Impossible,” the shows are springing up seemingly nonstop. And, on the other hand, “reality” is far from the truth. Reality TV is at once a great business, a venue for self-promotion and a way to highlight the terrible, exploitative and downright destructive practices of some businesses. Take Taco Bell, for example. In spite of its reputation as “a fun and casual place for family and friends to gather,” the company’s insistence on advertising for “autos” and “auto-everything” has stirred up a good deal of controversy, not least of which concerns the taco. The onion-topped Beefy 5-Layer Crunchwrap (usually associated with happy family meals) has turned out to be nothing of the sort: boxes of the “wonderful” snack are filled with artificial ingredients and are, in fact, notably unhealthy. In addition to the health and safety implications of a product like 6d1f23a050