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Elden Ring Features Key:

  • An Adventure Feels Complete. Unique battles with a variety of challenges are difficult enough to give you a feeling of accomplishment, but are also fun enough to keep your attention.
  • A Rich Story that Never Repeats Itself. Immerse yourself in a story steeped in magic, myth and legend. Before you was a great war, and amidst the sieges of a kingdom, only a few Guardians had the strength to rise to become the Elden Lords. This is their story.
  • A High-Quality Port with Beautiful Graphics. The game uses a reworked version of Ragnarok Online’s combat engine, wherein you feel every attack and evasive move. With its beautiful graphics, the cuteness of the characters and the overall high quality, Elden Ring will immerse you in the world of the Elden Lords.
  • A Rich and Evolving Play Experience. The game offers a wide range of play options and additional content to enrich and vary your gaming experience.
  • Extensive Character Customization Features. Explore and experience a wide variety of game action in a vast world by creating your own character. Control the direction and attributes of each of your character’s characteristics and define your own personality.
  • Very Intimate Multiplayer Play. Raise an army with other players and lead a larger party or cooperative raid to fight challenging enemies.
  • Constant Action and Beautiful Graphics. Play online or offline, in single-player mode, with a friend or guild to play through your adventure!
  • Ragnarok Online Gamers Club Note

    The following content is only available to members of the Ragnarok Online Gamers Club. For more information about the application please refer to the official website.

    Ring launches on KakaoTalk and has its own group on Kakao Game


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    WEBNEWS: «The mysterious world of the Lands Between lured me in, and I was entranced by the expressions of its inhabitants. The fascinating combination of an action-RPG and expansive world setting provided me with countless stages to explore, resulting in a fantasy world that left a strong impression. «Characters who feel more like heroes because of their diverse skills and personalities rather than brute strength. The high difficulty and gripping, action-packed battles. «The courteous and refined voice acting. The great music. The beautiful graphics. If you are willing to enjoy an exciting journey between two worlds, you will not be able to look away from the story of The Elden Ring Cracked Accounts.» «ELDEN RING was a unique and highly attractive game. It’s hard to resist a fantasy story that utilizes its game mechanics to its full potential, and this was the basis for The Elden Ring. The game world is not the first of its kind, but it uses its unique elements in the most attractive way. The combat system is quite simple, but it makes you feel like you are making every single decision, and the world is beautifully designed. «The graphics are good, the animations are quite good. The character designs are impressive. «The story was gripping enough for me to not feel a desire to fast-forward through the main points. The pace of the story and the character interactions were quite well done. The voice acting was quite good. The role-playing system is amazing. It’s a very simple and smooth system. I also liked the chatting system. It lets you express yourself naturally. The voice acting was quite good. «If you wish to find the elements that made The Elden Ring entertaining and fun, look for them. But if you wish to find a virtual world full of charm and excitement, you will be able to find it in The Elden Ring.» «THE ELDEN RING is a very interesting fantasy action RPG. The game features the essence of a fantasy adventure that only a fantasy RPG can have, and it took my breath away. «The pure action and RPG elements enable you to create and innovate your own play style. Players will find that the game enables them to do their own thing with the freedom to create their own stories. «The game’s formula is unique, and it combines an action-RPG that allows players to experience the thrill of their own battle strategy and an expansive and bff6bb2d33


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    What’s new:


    Calculation Field, strike with the magnificent speed of the Kyofu no Gargantua family summons a flow of wind in the air, allowing it to conduct electricity.

    Rank: B-rank

    A number of techniques are available. Kyofu no Gargantua can double cast, that is, it can double its damage by switching between its attacks.

    Technique Rank: B

    Exact Strike: While this technique is being used, you can directly execute a technique with an extremely short attack sequence. • Direct attack: A technique with an extremely short attack sequence and high damage to one target

    Regenerating: At the end of the turn, this technique concentrates. You can expand the lightning that has been collected inside, strengthening that part.

    • Consumable

    Rank: B

    Sub Rank: G

    Exact Strike: Up to 8 nearby enemies will receive damage equal to the results of the technique.

    Spacing Strike: While this technique is being used, two lightning bosses will appear consecutively. Until the end of the turn, consecutive attacks will be processed one after another.

    Rank: B

    Sub Rank: E

    Escape: Up to two nearby enemies with HP lower than 0 will be scattered.

    Deterrent: 6 nearby enemies will be scorched with lightning attacks and feared in accordance with the amount of damage dealt.

    Rank: B

    Sub Rank: E

    Restoration: Up to 5 nearby enemies with HP lower than 0 will be washed with a small wind.



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  • Download and install game
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    Upgrade prices of items and spells for players

    The unique upgrade price system is implemented in the game. Now you can make your items and spells stronger and more precious as you progress in the game.

    What Are the Key Points?

    • Redefine the fantasy RPG genre with an epic story
    • Create a new world that you can freely enjoy.

    You can also shift from open world exploration to exploration within dungeons. Reveal the charm of the Lands Between by connecting to others as well as leaving your mark on this world.

    Take advantage of multi-character online play with a unique setting.

    You can also join a great event!

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    System Requirements:

    Windows 98/98SE/ME/NT4/2000/XP/Vista Quad Core CPU, at least 2 GHz RAM 512 MB or more RAM Quad Core CPU, at least 1 GHz RAM 1 GB or more RAM Up to 15 GB free hard disk space Intel or AMD-compatible processor with SSE3 NVIDIA GPU: GeForce 3, GeForce4, GeForce FX, GeForce 6, GeForce 8, GeForce 9, GeForce GTX, GeForce GTX250, GeForce GTX260, GeForce GTX280, GeForce GTX


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