Roblox has become a leading social platform and a major part of childhood in many parts of the world. Whether it is to share and play games, express creative ideas, or just be silly and make friends, Roblox is often the first place people go. Roblox is a virtual world designed specifically for children. A software platform that allows users to make their own games is tied to a gaming website that is free to access and features many games. The games are designed by the Roblox Corporation, the platform’s main developer, for free and most of the games on the website are for free. Children use Roblox to play games by themselves or with their friends. They can create games and share them with the community. Parents can use a separate browser to see what their children are playing and keep an eye on their safety. They also have the option to turn off Roblox for an individual player or the whole account. Every user has a nickname to identify them. Roblox is free, but children still have the option to purchase in-game items. Items can be earned by playing games or by watching ads on the website. The amount of available currency in a game can be limited. Prices for virtual items start at a low price and increase as you gain experience points. Users can also purchase in-game furniture and decorations for their games. New games can be created by following a set of steps. Once the creator codes the game, they can publish it to the website. All games are required to be approved by the Roblox Corporation before they can be published. While designing a game, users can make modifications to how their games are displayed to other players. They can also use cheats to improve their games and cheat other players. The game is fully 3D, and the users can go into the game at any time with a device such as a smartphone, iPod, tablet, or computer. The game offers a microphone that allows users to communicate with other users. All games are hosted in the cloud, meaning that none of the code or assets are stored locally on the child’s device. Although the website is free to access, the Roblox Corporation has its main offices in Boston, Massachusetts. The company initially took a pay-for-play model to monetize its services and provide a regular income for its employees. Roblox Corporation filed for a patent for their game development technology in 2005. Roblox was acquired by Syntertainment in 2008, and in January 2011


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