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— This script can be used to distribute msi packages or uninstalling installed packages. — When distributing packages, you can create multiple packages (distribution list) and selct a discription which will be appended to the installation package, once the installation is finished the uninstall process will occur for all clients. — When uninstalling packages, DiDiDistribute will show you a selection dialog box of the installed packages. [SCRIPT] # I have to add here the actions of the script, for example: [DISTRIBUTION] 1- Browse to the full path to the distribution file 2- Type in the full UNC path to the Windows Installer Package file to distribute 3- Select the options from the options list 4- Type in a domain name, a user name and password to execute the process 5- Select the check box for uninstall, if you don’t want uninstall 6- Click execute # this is an example of an uninstalling script [UNINSTALL] 1- Browse to the full path to the uninstall file 2- Type in the full UNC path to the Windows Installer Package file to uninstall 3- Type in a domain name, a user name and password to execute the process 4- Select the uninstall process # this is an example of a selecting script to choose from the list of packages [SEARCH] # This is an example of a select script for a specific package [SELECT] 1- Browse to the full path to the selection file 2- Type in the full UNC path to the selection file 3- Type in a domain name, a user name and password to execute the process 4- Select the package # I have to add here the actions of the script, for example: [SCRIPT] # This is an example of an action script # This is an example of an actions list # And it’s running! # For more info: Our commitment The United States is a nation of laws. Yet right now the law is on the side of the powerful and against the people. Our campaign, Our Future, Our Courts, Our Justice, Our Vote, makes the case for a constitutional convention to propose solutions to the severe problems afflicting our government

DiDiDistribute Crack+ (2022)

DiDiDistribute is a simple application that allow you to distribute and uninstall of packages to multiple remote computers using PsExec. The application will redirect all the process to an independent application called PsExec that’ll handle all the interaction with the remote machines. The application includes an advanced graphical interface that let you define all the steps of an installation and unistall process, you can let the application automatically select the right options or you can define these manually. DiDiDistribute will use the current credentials of the logged user to connect to remote computers, the application will detect if the file of the msi package has extension and will automatically decompress the package, this is very helpful when you use a self extracting archive, because the application will unzip the right.msi file. DiDiDistribute Features: — Distribution of a package (with or without installation) to multiple remote computers — Unistall of packages. — Define all the steps of the install process or you can manually define what’s to be done, including the version of the software, the autostart behavior of the software, the type of user account to create and so on. — The checkboxes includes an option to do a fully silent installation, depending on the options that the selected user has available, you have an «Advanced Unistall» option that will allow you to uninstall without stopping the process on remote computer. — The checkboxes includes an option to do a full system uninstall that will uninstall all the local software and all the remote software. — You can debug the process by viewing the log file, if there’s any error log information will be displayed at the console view. DiDiDistribute Requirements: — Windows XP SP2 with Service Pack 1 or later — Microsoft.NET Framework 3.5 — Visual Studio 2010 or later — Home Premium or higher edition of Windows 7, Windows Vista or Windows Server 2008 R2 or higher DiDiDistribute Changelog: Version 2.2.3 adds an autostart option for Office 2010 users and an option for troubleshooting. Version 2.2.2 adds a new «Advanced Unistall» button Version 2.2.1 add MDAC and.NET 2.0 support Version 2.2 is built with Visual Studio 2010. Version 2.1.1 the application include a checkbox to choose a generic user account or specific user account Version 2.1.0 the 91bb86ccfa


For more information about PsExec, read the full description at: Advertisements DiDiDistribute was developed to be a shell GUI for the powerful Sysinternals PsExec that let you use it together with the Microsoft Windows installer to create an easy to use network remote package distribution and installation tool. PsExec is a powerful tool by Sysinternals that let you execute processes on other systems. complete with full interactivity for console applications, without having to manually install client software. Some sys admins are using PsExec to apply new packages to the clients. When using DiDiDistribute as a GUI shell for PsExec, you don’t need to create or maintain complex scripts and batch files for this task, DiDiDistribute will also prevent from running into scripts and syntax errors. DiDiDistribute can also be used to uninstall packages from network remote clients.  To run a distribution process you have to supply the next properties: — Browse or enter the full path to the distribution list text file you have created. This edit box is file aware, if the file doesn’t exists the text will be red, if it exists the text will be blue! — Enter a full UNC path to the installation package, it must be an msi or msp installation package file and it must point to a UNC Path (example: \\ServerName\shareName\PackageName.msi) that is accessible to all the clients you are going to distribute the package. — This edit box is file aware, if the file doesn’t exists the text will be red, if it exists the text will be blue! — Enter a domain name, user name and password to run with, if you omit this options, DiDiDistribute (actualy PsExec) will use your current credentials, you must use an account with the rights to install on the workstations (best is to use domain admin). — Now you can select the suitable options from the options checkboxes list, this options are Psexec and Msiexec options, if you want to define a timeout for connecting to the remote machines you have to supply the timeout in seconds. — If you want to run an uninstall process for the selceted computers and package check the checkbox for uninstall, otherwise the default is to install the selected package — That’s it, now

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=========================== — From now on you can just run a package distribution and installation process on other computers using Sysinternals PsExec and DiDiDistribute. — DiDiDistribute is a GUI for Sysinternals PsExec, you can use it to distribute and perform the same commands as what you are going to do with PsExec. — With DiDiDistribute you can run processes remotely, you can supply username and password or run with the current credentials. — If you want to run a batch file or script before the distribution process you can use the Preprocess checkbox on the configuration file, it can be selected from the configuration file preferences, the batch and script will be executed for every computer before the distribution process. — DiDiDistribute only work with msp and msi files, if you have files that are not supported, you can still use the regular PsExec in a console window for this task. — The installation package can be seen in the left context menu item, when you open it, it will automatically install the selected package on the computer that you have opened it. — DiDiDistribute has a progress bar at the main console view, DiDiDistribute can work in progress mode only for interactive processes and in batch mode for all the processes. — You can save the process information into a text file, you can view or edit the info from the logs view. — DiDiDistribute has a local help file at the downloads page that explains all its features and options. — You can remove the local installation file from the downloads page or if you want to add to it and don’t know how to do it, please contact the author via the contact me page or use the source code included in the file to update your current installation on your own or you can send me a copy of your current installation! — The sources of the software are not required to build DiDiDistribute! — The full source code is included in the downloaded package, you can see it in the distrib folder, it’s a simple batch file that will run Sysinternals PsExec at first and then it will run the extractor and distribution process. — You can add your own changes to the original sources and run them from the downloaded package and if you want to modify the original source of the software you can install it on your own! — The configuration file distrib.

System Requirements For DiDiDistribute:

OS: Windows XP (Service Pack 2 or later), Windows Vista (Service Pack 2 or later) or Windows 7 (Service Pack 1 or later) CPU: x86 compatible CPU Memory: RAM: 1 GB Hard Drive: 2 GB VGA: DirectX 9 video card Sound Card: DirectX 9 Sound card, use headphones for the best experience. DirectX: DirectX 9 compatible game GPU: Nvidia GeForce 8800 GTS/GT/GTX/GTS/GTX