Deriving from CframeWnd, CToasterWnd is an MFC class that enables you to design notification windows similar to the ones displayed by MSN Messenger while putting at your disposal a multitude of customizations you could turn to. The software utility enables you to handle the body and title text of a toast window along with the icon. Aside from that, multiple options are provided in terms of fonts, layout, and background color. Users may also be interested to know that support for vertical, horizontal, and diagonal background styles is offered, but you can also opt for a plain solid appearance. If this is something you may want to apply, the GDI function GradientFill should enable you to effortlessly carry out the task. Other than that, CToasterWnd allows you to indicate how long the window remains visible, whether user control is required in order to close it, as well as the impact of mouse hover. As for the animations you can turn to, four different options are offered in this regard. As such, the window can pop up, down, to the left, or to the right, and you also have the possibility of letting it detect the most suitable choice by analyzing the position of the taskbar. CToasterWnd includes many other features that allow you to come up with eye-catching notification windows that might remind of MSN Messanger, with a demo application being integrated in its archive in order to demonstrate some of its capabilities.


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DownloadDOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)






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Install this small but attractive utility on the desktop of any Windows or Linux machine and let the fun begin. Type a letter, a phrase, or a word to get a random quote or word. The number of options available is unlimited, and it’s even possible to get one specifically created for you. Requirements: 1.2 MB at least. (Though it might be a lot less, as it is mostly clean code) VLC player is a popular media player software. Apart from being able to play all the popular video formats, it also supports DRM and Handbrake. It will do the heavy lifting for you to reduce the file size of your video. Handbrake is a program created to convert video with an easy to use interface. Added by Mathias Kjellberg on 2017-12-31 and last updated on 2018-12-19. Spectrum Analyzer is a small application that provides you with a spectrum graph of the sound. This utility is light on system resources and is designed to be able to run smoothly on every configuration of Windows. Supported Audio Formats: WAV, WMA, MP3 Supported Spectrum Formats: LFT/LPF Supported Charts: Spectrum/2D You can customize the size, shape and even the color of the chart area. Added by Mathias Kjellberg on 2017-12-31 and last updated on 2018-12-19. Ainvo Regen is a free tool that is specially designed to help computer users remove the leftover junk files in Windows systems. This application operates on similar principles as the conventional tools available on the market, but instead of having to manually locate items in a list, you can simply right-click on one of these leftover junk items and then select Remove by dragging it to the trash bin or file manager, whichever you prefer. When you remove an item it does not mean that it will be permanently deleted. It means it is pending deletion. This is to ensure that it will be deleted after the designated time frame. To make your browsing on the internet faster, you can use speedpage. A tiny application that allows you to search results in particular websites on the web by simply pressing a combination of buttons. To use speedpage you only need to place a finger on the webcam’s lens and while leaving it on, hold down the Start button and press the W, A, S, or D button. Then drag and drop

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Automated Tool for measuring the reliability of your websites, and alert you when a website is not working A tool to determine website uptime at the earliest possible moment, and notify you if the website is down. Use the Get-Dice Crack MacUptime script to determine if a website is up or down. It’s free, and very easy to use. Key features of Get-DiceUptime: 1. Simple access & install. 2. Handle multiple URLs at once. 3. Get notified if a website is down or not. 4. Count retries, time, errors and comments. 5. Easy to configure. This script is to be used only if you want to determine if a website is down for more than 10 seconds. You can use it to rate sites, generate a report, or to send an email to you (if there’s more than one site). What it does: 1. This script is typically used to determine if a website is down. This script uses the Ping tool to check if a website is up or down. If it’s down, this script sends an email to you letting you know the website is down. 2. If you don’t want to use your own email address, you can give this script your own email address and it will send you an email every time the website is down. 3. You can specify the URL that you want to check, or use the wildcard ‘*’ to check multiple URLs at once. 4. This script grabs the IP address of the website. If the website is down, it will not be able to load on the web server. You need to add an exception to the ‘IP address’ to allow the script to access the server. 5. This script is scalable. Simply add more URLs, or more websites. 6. You can set the number of seconds that you want to wait to see if the website is up or down. For example, if you set the wait to 2 seconds, it will check if the website is up or down every 2 seconds. 7. If the site is up, the script will count how many «ping» messages it receives from the server. The script will indicate this in the popup message. If you’re a webmaster, this will give you an idea of how often your site goes down. 8. If the site is down, the script will indicate this in the popup message. 9. The script b7e8fdf5c8

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■ A powerful Open Source game development engine that allows Game Developers to focus on their game and not code. By eliminating the time consuming, error prone, difficult problem of handling memory allocation, it enables Game Developers to write smaller, faster and thus, more efficient games. Its design consists of a secure, high-performance C++ Framework that is easy to learn and supports dozens of powerful game development libraries. There is no limitation about features and extensions. Furthermore, it is open source and free to download, use, and modify. Work-Around: If you have deactivated the Toolbar in the Options | General | Toolbar settings, you can deactivate it via the Options | General | Extensions | Toolbar settings. WorldLotto is an online lottery game which gives you the chance to play the lottery online for a chance to win the top prizes. Play your lottery with the free version of WorldLotto for 12 months. To play the lottery and play the games with play money you will need to purchase the Premium version. This application helps you to search casinos, countries, and casinos by name. You can search from many casinos or choose a specific casino for more options, like netbet online casino, jackpot city casino, and more. You can choose more than one option to search. You can also chose more than one casino when you choose a country. It’s free casino search and casino search for casinos, your casino search results on one page. Casino search is casinos, and you can save money in a search. It’s a free or premium site. In case of premium-friendly search by countries, if you do not selected any country, the search results will listed in alphabetical order. If you select a specific country, it will list by the name or by the state. Free search is many casino and casinos, the casino name and address. If you select any country, the search results will listed in alphabetical order. You can save money in the search for one time. It’s a free site in case of premium-friendly search by countries. If you do not select any country to search from, the search results will be listed in alphabetical order. If you select a country, such as in case of Argentinean sites, the results will be listed by a name. You can choose more than one option for a search, you can also add more countries to look at. It can search

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WXSIM is a very unique software package — over 20 years in the making — for modeling, forecasting, or simply studying weather. It is perhaps best described as an «interactive local atmospheric model». You initialize it with current data, some optionally downloaded from the internet, and then «turn it loose» to model the weather for the next few days, but with the option to interact with the program and mix in some of your own forecasting skill and knowledge. As a forecasting software it tries to predict the weather for the next 5 days with all the accuracy required to make decisions about what to do about an individual weather event or what to do to protect yourself or the environment. As a simulation program it uses a simple air system with a region, nearby lands, and ocean to represent the real world. When data is input into the system, weather algorithms calculate the weather of a steady state. Using real weather data from previous years has allowed WXSIM to give predictions of the future. As a predictive tool WXSIM has the ability to tell how weather will change. When the weather changes (from one time to the next), the forecast is updated. The input data can be processed through three options: 1) The single data method is for those who need to analyze one specific weather event, 2) The continuous data method is for those who want to try to predict the weather’s direction for the next 5 days, and 3) The interactive method is for those who want to try to predict the weather’s direction for the next 5 days with the possibility to change the forecast if the decision is wrong. The output data is stored as an ASCII text file. Once the data is used, WXSIM writes the output data to a file, which can be the location of your choice. There are four output methods. The key to understanding the output methods is to realize that you must be using one of the three input methods to do any of them. There are five main functions that you can use: 1) An Analysis function is used to determine the predicted weather for the next 5 days, 2) A forecast function is used to determine the forecast which is a prediction of the conditions of the next 5 days, 3) A simulation function is used to determine the conditions of the next 5 days for your specific parameters set, 4) A tutorial function provides a step by step tutorial for all WXSIM functions, and finally 5) The WXSIM help function (Yes, we put it on the front!) which is used

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Minimum: OS: Windows XP, Vista or 7, Mac OS X 10.4 or higher CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo E6700, 2.4GHz or AMD Athlon X2 2.6GHz Memory: 2GB RAM Storage: 6GB available space (DVD drive is not required) Video: DirectX 9.0c compatible video card, 128MB VRAM recommended (1GB recommended) Sound: DirectX 9.0c compatible sound card, 128MB RAM Additional Notes: Mac users