Processing data in an efficient and elegant way is one aspect to consider, regardless if you’re a working professional, full-time programmer, passionate coder, or even math aficionado. However, in such endeavors that involve the use and manipulation of text and code blocks, the need for “shortcuts” in order to make the process more effective is always present. DevGear was designed specifically with that in mind, and it will offer users a centralized platform for performing quick operations, such as difference checking, encoding, decoding, capitalization, and many more. Thoughtful array of tools that emphasize efficiency and carry an inherent simplicity that yields accessible handling It’s hard not to notice the logical, well-structured tab array, which carries all the available features. Ranging from JSON, plain text, Base 64, and even Web editing, the tools are all there, ready to be accessed in just a single click. Each tool is accompanied by a very handy, “mini-help”, which can prove beneficial, especially for novices or those who aren’t accustomed yet to the app. Speaking of novices, the developer was kind enough to include sample data in most of the available tools, and we believe that this can make understanding them a far easier task. If the already ample collection of tools is not enough for you, dwell in the external tools at your disposal, for even more functionality As stated above, if, by some chance, you weren’t able to find your required feature among the tools on offer, the application also comes with a set of external, additional tools, which cover a quite broad spectrum of possible uses. For instance, you will find ASCII charges, CSS color codes, regular expressions, Unicode tables, and more. We believe that this is a wonderful addition to the already well-rounded feature pack, offering that extra bit of help when required, saving you from frantically running Internet searches. Very useful, do-it-all tool for programmers or those who work with text data, which can render the other apps in your quiver obsolete This compact yet capable app is filled with tools that are well-endowed for helping you with your coding, text, or other kinds of work that can benefit from improved workflow efficiency.


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App Review: — Character encoder/decoder — Can encode/decode text as you type — Supports Multiple encodings. — Supplies you with encoders/decoders for UTF-8, UTF-16, UTF-32 — Supports Non-unicode encodings. — — Java Encoding/Decoding — From Simple to Advanced. — Supports Multiple Encodings. — Works on Any Encoding. — A Powerful and Flexible Encoder/Decoder… DevGear Free Download Description: App Review: — Character encoder/decoder — Can encode/decode text as you type — Supports Multiple encodings. — Supplies you with encoders/decoders for UTF-8, UTF-16, UTF-32 — Supports Non-unicode encodings. — — Java Encoding/Decoding — From Simple to Advanced. — Supports Multiple Encodings. — Works on Any Encoding. — A Powerful and Flexible Encoder/Decoder that provides an easy to use API. — Character Encoding/Decoding — Non Unicode Support. — UTF-8 Support — Java Encoding/Decoding — UTF-8 Support. — Encodes/Decodes UNICODE Text — UTF-8 Support. — No Memory Limitations. — Unicode Support — Non Unicode Support — UTF-8 Support — UTF-16 Support — UTF-32 Support — BCP-8, UTF-8, CP-437, CP-1252, CP-850, CP-1250, CP-1251, CP-1257, CP-1255, CP-1257, and CP-1251 Encoding — Cyrillic Encoding — HEX Encoding — Hexadecimal Encoding — UTF-8 Encoding — UPPERCASE Encoding — UNICODE Support — Web Form Encoding — ASP Encoding — XHTML Encoding — XML Encoding — URL Encoding — Base 64 Encoding — Java Encoding/Decoding — Generates Windows-1252 Character Encoding — Css Encoding — LaTeX Encoding — Pdf Encoding 91bb86ccfa

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Do the basic code-related operations in mere seconds. Do you manage texts and code? Do you want to check the difference between two files, or make them similar? Have you ever run into issues with all those file encoding/decoding that basically need immediate attention? Dive into the easy-to-access tabbed tools, which feature all the features you need to perform data conversions, checking differences, encode and decode, as well as perform various tasks on strings and numbers. You can save yourself from having to look up the information online – just use the tools, and all the characteristics of the files will be listed inside the convenient, visual interface. Also, use the Unicode table and regular expressions to check the characters and numbers in files, and even change the text. Technical Highlights: — Multi-platform program: supports Windows, macOS, and Linux — Use the tabs to create a customized toolbox containing all the necessary tools — Customizable toolbox layout — Add, remove, and rearrange tools — All tool commands are supported at once: perform similarity, decoding, etc. — Beautiful looking interface, easy to use and understand — Load sample data files to quickly get the job done — Type of tools are well categorized and are easily to use — Wide selection of external tools for you to get more tasks done Reviews of DevGear DevGear OFFICIAL DEVELOPER & TOOLS FOR CODERS AND PROGRAMMER 5 By MATTEL,January 30, 2018 Love it I love this program, my productivity tool list for day to day coding has now been completed, the program interface is easy to use and I now have my tools sorted by priority on the left hand side of the program and no longer have to go digging through the manual to find what I want. The features of the program are organised in a logical way with all the features being easily available at once, its so easy for me to find a tool in seconds. Developer Great for the money 5 By Thoughtful Developer,December 31, 2017 I really like the app but have some suggestions. A function to show duplicates in the file list is a must. Also, a way to see a complete download is a must. The current view only shows the progress of the current download. Lastly, a way to sort the tools by alphabetical order would be nice, unfortunately,

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Engineer Your Future With DevGear. Think of DevGear like your own personal development assistant. It aims to make your workflow as effective, efficient and convenient as possible, from the basics of text editing, coding, to more advanced tasks. DevGear contains a suite of tools designed to assist you with all aspects of your workflows. It offers a large number of tools with which you can easily compare and edit data in JSON, Plain Text, Base 64, HTML, CSS and even Web. You’ll also find a number of External Tools, which include a wide variety of functions. Get A combination of natural language processing and machine learning, dictation offers an easy way to capture and instantly convert lengthy notes into short texts Creativity meets technology at the intersection of storytelling, engineering, and natural language processing. And that’s the secret to the story-telling capabilities dictation has to offer. We’re excited to be able to share what we’ve learned with the world—the special secret sauce has been well-kept within our development studios. The majority of users of dictation today work on iPhone or iPad. They have their fingers memorized, and they live life on-the-go. The difference between dictation and speech-to-text is that with dictation, you don’t have to memorize keywords or learn some kind of code. Dictation is quickly becoming one of the most convenient ways to capture something on the spot, whether you’re taking a phone call, brainstorming with teammates, or jotting down a note to yourself. It doesn’t require a speaker, doesn’t require a custom keyboard, and it doesn’t require regular use of a computer. Your thoughts stay in your mind, and your fingertips stay on the screen. Because we’re focused on listening to you and making you happy, dictation’s robust technology is constantly evolving based on your feedback. That means that if you regularly use dictation in your life, you’ll be the first to hear about new features and get your hands on them. Dictation is available in the App Store. We’re bringing you the latest news from our blog, and you’ll also get an exclusive discount. Get the latest on dictation, great apps, and more at Technology is here to make our lives easier. For most people

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Supported OS: Windows XP Windows Vista Windows 7 Windows 8 Windows 8.1 Windows 10 Supported CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-2500K @ 3.30GHz Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-2100 @ 3.0GHz Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-8100 @ 3.10GHz Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-3240 @ 3.20GHz Intel(R) Core(