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* Track as many satellites as you want * Add up to 100 satellites per track (you can track 100 different satellites) * Track each satellite separately * Get notified when a new satellite is available * Get notified when your satellite’s orbit altitude drops to at least 1000 km (low) * Get notified when your satellite’s altitude drops to less than 1000 km (full) * Show and plot the exact position of each satellite on the map * See the satellite’s altitude and drift rate * Alerts you to possible missing satellites (blue) * Filter the satellites by type and number (LDV, GPS, GLONASS) * Fully compatible with TomTom satellite navigation DESA Satellite Tracker Tips: — It is recommended to track a maximum of 20 satellites for each track. — We will NOT be held responsible for any losses resulting from the lack of tracking the satellites. You can follow the following instructions to get started: 1. Launch the software 2. Go to Settings 3. Go to Add satellites 4. From the «Launch Model» options, choose between «Tutorial» or «Overlay» 5. Choose the region for which you want to track satellites 6. Write your access code and press on the «Next» button 7. Select a map, enter your access code, then press on the «Next» button 8. Enter the number of satellites you wish to track, from 1 to 100 9. Choose whether to track the satellites at the full altitude or the low altitude (from 1000 km to 5000 km). 10. Choose the direction (right or left) of the satellites (if you choose right you can see both the satellites which are going right and those that are going left) 11. Enter the number of tracking points. 12. Choose whether to draw a satellite only if it is in the foreground or if it is hiding behind other satellites. 13. The satellites are added to the map one by one. Once all the satellites are added, press on the «Save» button 14. Press the «Display» button to see the satellite’s position on the map 15. To plot them in the satellite navigation, press on the «Plot» button. 16. To track them with automatic alerts, press on the «Track» button. 17. To plot them in the map, press on the «Plot» button a second time 18. You can now see the satellite’s position, the trajectory and its altitude over time DES

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1) Display main view including all satellites available, including the latest satellite updates and new satellite popups. 2) Track satellites over time with the ability to see the last maneuver, when the satellite was active and when the satellite will be active next time. 3) When a satellite is located, you can view satellite status: position/activity/speed/EULA/orbital period/orbit direction and current altitude. 4) You can automatically track satellites and have a new popup appear when a new satellite arrives. 5) View detailed information on satellites including total number of satellites in orbit, the list of satellites and their status. 6) Satellite orbits and information about the SGP4 (Satellite Geodetic Parameter 4) and SGP6 (Satellite Geodetic Parameter 6) can be viewed from the internet. 7) You can also search for any satellite from any satellite tracker. 8) Can be viewed from mobile, tablet and desktop, from any PC. 9) Scroll through orbit results with a simple drag and drop. 10) Allow for autoscheduling to your preferred time. 11) The software has been fully tested under the latest Windows, Mac and Linux versions with no glitches. AutoView X gives you the ability to monitor your email and other important web based applications in a simple and efficient way. One monitor is enough with AutoView X, since it does not need another system tray. You simply have to select the applications you would like to monitor at the time of installation, then AutoView X will monitor the ones you selected. The programs you select will be shown in a window and the corresponding icon will be placed in your system tray. Clicking on it, you will open that window and all your applications will be displayed there. This makes it very easy to access your email, chat, and browser, all at once. The program also features a night mode, showing a single program in the system tray while remaining discreet and without drawing additional attention to the system tray. 2SX Bluetooth dongle has become a great tool for receiving and sending signals via Bluetooth between Android and PC. 2SX Bluetooth dongle is a little device that is compatible with any Bluetooth enabled laptop or PC. Even though the 2SX Bluetooth dongle is powered by two AAA batteries it will work continuously for weeks and months thanks to its built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery that

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