After all, what you put on the internet can be taken far beyond the screen. And here’s how you can avoid getting that super-creepy Dater Zsa Zsa by putting your best foot (or hands, in some cases) forward. Dressing the part With the rise in popularity of internet dating, people are able to view potential matches based on their photos. The Internet isn’t the only place to look though, and the first impressions people get from a prospective date is usually based on their physical appearance. When it comes to dating, do you show up in sweats and a hoodie, or do you look presentable? If you choose the former, not only do you look disheveled, you feel disheveled. Choosing the latter doesn’t mean you need to go to the spa to have your skin scrubbed of impurities, but having some thought into the way you present yourself to the world means you can make a better impression on someone you’re interested in. For men, that means your shirt is tucked in, your hair looks neat, and your pants fit just right. Do you have a scruffy beard, or do you have a beard that’s slightly unkempt? Think about how you’d want to be met when you walked into a bar, a restaurant, or an interview for a job. If you’re wearing the wrong clothes, those nerves you have will cause you to breathe a little more heavily and jitter a bit when you’re trying to relax. If you’re in a panic, you’re going to show it. For women, what you’re wearing is a more difficult sell, because there are a lot of girls who dress up to impress, so it’s harder to tell who’s actually dressing for herself, and who’s dressing for others. Because of this, it’s a good idea to choose clothing that’s appropriate. If you’re wearing a short skirt, make sure it’s above the knee. Unless you’re going to a bar or club, no one is going to be looking at you from the back, so wear a skirt that covers your waist and thighs. The same goes for tops. Choose something that’s chic, that can flow with your movements, and that will show your curves. Look for darker colors in the fall and winter—black, charcoal, navy, and brown work great. But do some research on the person you’re meeting to help you decide what will work for them
Ditch the Secret Rejection! Stupid, stupid, stupid, and unsolvable. That’s what these six things are, and I’m not talking about one of these things. Be prepared for the art of rejection. Believe it or not, rejection is a skill. You just have to practice, practice, practice. The worst thing you can do is obsess over a rejection. To get over your fear of rejection, first, you have to understand what it is. Sometimes you reject people based on simple misunderstandings. Perhaps your bud was into someone else when he/she said they were into you? Or maybe you thought the conversation was about something else when it came to a certain subject? For the most part, rejection is about being open to the possibility of having a relationship with someone. If you ever find yourself in the position where someone isn’t interested in you, make that clear. It’s tough, but eventually, people will get over it and realize that they aren’t their biggest fan. So the next time they see you and are interested, let them know your interest. Soon, you’ll have no problem accepting any rejection you receive. Tell The Truth Honestly, why are you even bothering with this first step of rejection? It’s because you’re not ready to tell the truth. As soon as you’re ready to tell the truth, however, you’ll be in a much better position. Your new best friend? Maybe the person you’re crushing on? Tell them you like them in a nice way. They’ll want to know if they’re your best friend. If you’re into someone, tell them that you’re into them. If you’ve got a crush on someone who’s taken, tell them that you’re in love with them. Don’t lie; if you’re going to be interested in someone, tell them your interest. If you want to meet people, tell them you want to meet people. Better yet, tell someone you don’t want to meet people you like and then sit back and wait for the return texts. Yes, your rejection will be hard to accept and you’ll be disappointed, but it’s only fair. Say thank you for giving you an opportunity to get rejected. You just became a better person. Have Fun I’ll bet you can’t deny that human beings on the planet are, well, human. We’re all quite selfish, and it only makes sense to act the same way—especially in