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ClearWeb Adult Filter is an Internet censorship software developed to permit filtering of personal computers. Its primary goals are to help parents protect their children from certain undesirable content when browsing the Internet and to provide privacy for individuals using the computer at work. It is designed to be a squid based adult filter system, it has the functionality to add and block custom web sites. It supports any computer running Windows or Windows CE and most Linux distributions. Category:Internet censorship in India Category:Internet privacy software Category:Firewall softwareA young woman has been raped by three men as she walked to her home from a party on a street in central London. The two suspects, aged 20 and 22, met the victim in Woodley Park, west London, and walked with her towards her flat shortly after midnight. One of the men raped her as she walked through a residential street and they left her in an alleyway between Waterloo Bridge and Blackfriars Bridge. It is understood the two men were originally strangers to the victim and attacked her by chance. Police officers were called to the scene shortly after 1am on Saturday morning and arrested the two men. A 21-year-old man was released without charge while a 22-year-old man was taken to a central London police station for questioning. He was later released pending further inquiries. Police said they do not believe the woman was made «afraid or threatened in any way». The suspects are believed to be of north African, east Asian or south Asian origin. It is not known if the men live in the area. Detective Inspector Andy Nelson of the Met’s Sexual Offences, Exploitation and Child Abuse Command, said: «This is an appalling incident of sexual violence which has occurred in broad daylight on a residential street in the heart of London. «I am appealing for witnesses to come forward, not only to help my team piece together the events of that night but also to the wider community.» Det Insp Nelson urged any witnesses or those with information to call police on 020 8722 9666.Q: How to set source location in ionic I am using source location to detect the current location. But the problem I am facing now is I want to add some code on click event. Please find the code below: function initMap() { var myLatLng

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ClearWeb is an all-in-one filter system. It’s designed to be used by both parents and teachers. The blocks are defined in blocks.xml. A block is a listing of sites that are blocked. Each block lists allowed,  specifically allowed, and  blocked. block definitions are in blocks.xml. Each block has a name and a list of allowed and blocked sites. You configure ClearWeb via a file of a customize the blocking. ClearWeb’s configuration file is called customize.xml  Periodically ClearWeb checks for changes in blocks.xml. This is the check schedule. ClearWeb’s custom policies are defined by an XML file called customize.xml. The block names are used in the check schedule. For example, you can define a block of sites that are blocked for anyone browsing with userId=0 or use==0. The block management has been reduced to the imports of the site blocks and block settings. Software overview The ClearWeb provides a web-based interface for managing and configuring a Squid proxy server, which is pre-configured to block (by default) adult and specific other sites. This is achieved using a list of site names, which are stored in an XML database. ClearWeb then reacts to a request by looking up the list, and then blocking or allowing the site accordingly. ClearWeb was developed by New Media Research, and is currently distributed under the GNU General Public License (GPL). The source code is available on GitHub, or you can build ClearWeb from source using a standard build script. See also 1Blocker, a «freeware» filter designed for schools or homes Mirosoft Web Protection, a free filter designed for schools or homes RPWeb, a Windows-only filter designed for schools or homes External links ClearWeb home site Web site of GNU Public License Web site of New Media Research Source code for ClearWeb Category:Computer security software Category:Free security software Category:GNU Project softwareNuclear factor-kappaB is activated in ovarian cancer cells exposed to mutagenic dioxin 2,3,7,8-tetrachlorodibenzo-p-dioxin (TCDD) or b7e8fdf5c8

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Description As a system administrator, I tried to set up the installation with some limitations to add sites other than the default ones, so the users will have the possibility to add sites of their own. I have planned two ways of adding sites to this system, the first is directly through the system interface, and the other is via the database back-end interface. The limitation of the interface is that the user should have root access in order to use the interface, and obviously it does not have any security features at all. The other limitation is that the user should be able to add web-sites from their own localhost. (In this case, he/she should have no need to have root access to add sites). The most useful feature for me is the blocking of adult sites. What I am trying to achieve is that the system will notify me whenever a user starts to open a site, and allow me to add that site to the blacklist. This means that every time the system is started, it will start to block the sites (which I have already made, or that I want to add to the database) and the user will be notified via an alert (which means that the user will get an alert whenever he/she opens that site). So, here’s my problem: What is the best way to add sites? How can I make the alert to work properly? How should I add the sites? I am familiar with PHP programming, but the only way that I know about adding sites to the database is through a MySQL database. I would appreciate some input. A: If you want to submit sites, you should look into a web server that supports various filtering schemes (Apache HTTP Server can do them natively, and Nginx will soon also have a «simple» module). If you want to add the site directly from the command-line, I recommend *nix, such as FreeBSD’s pf or OpenBSD’s iptables. If the site is not blocked by the firewall, you don’t need to add it. So add a link such as Adult site to the adult site blacklist. I’d suggest a supervisor script which calls the server via telnet and uses ipt

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 ClearWeb is an adult filter that uses a database to filter the adult sites. The website Can protect your children from accessing adult websites.ClearWeb allows to blocking sites by using Bans Browser entry to block access to adult sites.  You can enter site name or the address that the site loads or use the website lists to block a site directly by link.You can display the site names and addresses of the sites you have banned to the public,  and from which can view the site you have banned, the browser will display the contents of the site. Preventing your kids from looking at adult sites, even if they did, is not possible.  It is a good idea though, which is certainly worth considering.  This will prevent the possibility of them finding access to sites which you do not want them to be able to find. Bugbear Network BugBear Network is a free adult proxy based application. It works as an adult proxy server. Using this application, you can filter the adult sites. It is based on the open source Squid software. The application has no bandwidth limit and a server can easily filter several hundred thousand pages.  It can also be used with a computer on your network. It can be configured to be run on a computer on your local network, or on a computer on the public Internet. BugBear Network can be configured to be a Windows-based  adult-content proxy server. You can also take the system out of a computer on your local network and place it on an external computer. The customer support person will take a very long time to answer.  I would rather not recommend the program. Deepproxy Pro DeepProxy Pro is a Proxy Software for Windows. It uses Squid HTTP protocol to improve network transmission efficiency.  It can be used to filter the adult sites. It is a powerful proxy software.  It allows you to filter your favorite websites and sites. Set each site, and setup a few proxy. The Proxy support Windows 2003/Windows XP/Windows Vista or Windows 2000.  It is similar to the application SquidHTTP, but is customized and more powerful.  It has a wide range of proxy settings and an intuitive interface. It is based on the open source Squid software, which is widely used as an HTTP proxy server in many large-scale

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Microsoft DirectX 11 Minimum version: DirectX 11 Recommended: DirectX 11 HDR Support: HDR on Windows 10 is required. HDR monitors are recommended to enjoy the maximum benefits of HDR10 color with MSAA 4x. Preferably monitor or television that supports HDR/10 HDR enabled Surface-level USB for gamepad/remote The Gamepad for Life tournament series is designed for competitive console and PC gamers. The purpose is to increase the fun and enjoyment in gaming by providing the ultimate gaming experience. The tournament