Church Music Master is a program that will help you schedule the services and keep track of choir members, song copies and other choir-related aspects. Church Music Master is a powerful ministry tool for church management. It incorporates the elements of a hymnal cross-reference and a library database. This program will help you manage your church music program more efficiently than ever before. You’ll wonder how you ever got along without it. Included in Church Music Master are 4 libraries to keep track of your music, personnel, publishers/dealers, and equipment. Also included is a module called Service Planner, which now includes 9 hymnals and 16 chorus books.







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Church Music Master 2002 from the Instructional Team of Liturgical Services and Homiletics at Charlotte Area Ministries is a complete package of church music management, including the ability to schedule services and keep track of your entire church music budget and staff. You can: — Place your church music order directly from Liturgical Services at CAME, an exclusive mail order service of Liturgical Services and Homiletics. This streamlined service saves valuable hours of your time. — List your staff and musicians in the Service Planner module of Church Music Master 2002. — Import your own hymnals and software projects from your present hymnal and software packages. — Download the new Church Music Master Database from the database section of the Liturgical Services (LS) website. Church Music Master helps church music and music ministry workers save time by automating many processes. It does that by using simple-to-use worksheets with individualized data fields, and database fields to find and extract information needed to automate the workflow. — Automate actions — Directly print form letters to mailers — Create and print forms using the template design process — Automate forms using macros — Create and print forms using insert statements in the design process — Set or edit data fields to match targeted fields in other forms, or to fill out a selected form in another document, and more Fields in the Church Music Master database can be used to store data relating to members of your music ministry, hymnals, your software and the music databases you use. Easy to Use: No computer programming or database skills are required. Church Music Master is very easy to use. It is so easy, even a child could use it. Many of the features include sophisticated wizards and an easy to use interface, so you can begin using Church Music Master quickly. Database Help: Church Music Master 2002 provides you with the ability to store all of your information in a database. The database is fully searchable for quick navigation and search. Database Features: Built-in cross-references for your hymnals and songbooks. The database keeps a list of all of your songs for easy access. Database Screenshots: Database: Database: Database: Database: Database: Database: Database: Church Music Master Software, also by Liturgical Services, is a complete music software package with four components; a lyric and book database, a hymnal cross-reference, a CD burning application 91bb86ccfa

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Having a hard time keeping track of your church music programs? Do you spend hours just trying to get all the music for a weekend service? With Church Music Master you can simply print the program and keep your eye on it throughout the service. Songs have been organized in 32 sections that are alphabetically arranged. Simply look up the hymn, and it will appear on the display for your quick reference. Or if you want to look up the complete tune and its author, simply click on the author’s name and it will appear on the display. You can also search for different parts of the service, such as the opening, closing, opening, closing, and time period. You can easily create your own custom services, and name it, as well as create your own customized or automated messages for mass and for the other services. You can even control the order of the hymns, services, church cycle, and lessons. «What’s new in this Version: This Update includes a much improved service planner, additional resources, editor’s notes, and a more accurate database of copyright information. Changes in this Version: * This update includes an update to the software from TRADITIONAL, such as the List of Collected Hymns and the Song List Database. Other Changes: This update includes added resources and an updated database of copyright information. St. Mark’s: Music Resources and Technologies Mastering that perfect chant (part of a series) Sep 27, 2005 Best Practices for Auditioning Choirs at the Regional and International Levels Best Practices for Auditioning Choirs at the Regional and International Levels Best Practices for Auditioning Choirs at the Regional and International Levels (Part 1) Channeling what the choir director has told you is exactly what I’ve been telling the choirs. Often the choir director, via the music director, has given you a certain amount of latitude in which to accomplish your audition strategy for the choir. Generally it would be expected to conduct the audition in such a way that the music director has the best experience for hearing the choirs. So what are some other thoughts you might want to consider? When I first got involved with choral auditioning, one of the first things I thought of was «How can I make it easy for the choir director? For example, many times they have a very specific type of music that they want. Often they don’t

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The Church Music Master will help the user to keep track of his or her church music along with members, song copies, publishers, dealers and more. Church Music Master will allow you to: Click on the link above to download the CD image and the EULA. If you use an alternate CD image than that listed, please write down the CD image so you can use it when downloading it to your computer. The.EXE file can be found in the Windows App Data folders on the CD image if you have something like Microsoft or Windows Vista installed on your computer. The file is locked, so you’ll need to unlock it with the Master Key. I have been using this software for many years and I recommend it highly! Great software… with a few problems by TonesPulse on 05/14/2014 This is my favorite setting software in general. I don’t have a problem with the functionality of this software as it works great. One of the problems I’ve found with this program is with the web interface. At times when I’m trying to load from the CD or the USB I have to wait a few minutes for the web interface to load. Also, I have found it to be difficult to load certain songs on certain parts of the program. While I’m using it if I close the program while the song is loading it will not load. To fix this I need to disconnect the computer from the internet. It is difficult to tell when the program has loaded a song because the track never changes. Also, after I close the program while the program is on, I cannot re-open the program unless I disconnect the computer from the internet. I recommend this software by Ragpicker on 02/14/2012 I have used several different programs that were in the $100-$500 range over the years. I like this program better then most of the others because it is customizable. It has a great interface for the user to use. The program covers all the bases and keeps track of all of your music in one place. This program is also customizable. Some of the other programs I’ve used where you can’t change things so you have to start over with all the changes. This program allows you to change things that you want to change and it works with you as you try new things out. Good tool, needs options by Ben on 09/26/2011

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