Keeping track of daily activity, organizing various tasks and having important dates at hand are some of the uses one would give to a journal. Any reputable digital diary comes with a dedicated editor where you can write down pretty much anything you want to keep or even pass on to others. Chrysanth Diary is no exception, since it is a fully equipped tool designed to provide a pleasant experience for those who want to keep their memories, trips or any important personal event. Packed with writing and editing features, the software aims to become one of the top players in its category. The interface may look quite familiar, especially if you're a Microsoft Office regular user, because it also sports the well-known ribbon, organizing functions and sections in different tabs. Chrysanth Diary is well beyond your regular text editor or journal recording application as it combines an organizer, a diary and an album. The modules of this software work together to make everything you need available with only a couple of clicks. The organizer helps you add personal or work events into a calendar with specific details like recurrence, reminders and duration. The diary section is designed to enable you to record personal notes, tag them and also organize them using the calendar for easy retrieval. In case you want to associate digital photos with any of those journal events, the album module is exactly what you need. One of the most outstanding features of Chrysanth Diary is the fully-fledged editor that takes writing a step forward. Besides the basic text formatting and editing functions, you can insert pictures, videos or hyperlinks and there's even a nice emoticon database at your disposal for making the entries even more expressive. All things considered, this application is surely one of the most powerful and well-equipped utilities for keeping a journal, organizing events and even more. The strong feature pack and the ease of use recommend Chrysanth Diary and make it quite useful for advanced or less experienced users alike.







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Chrysanth Diary is a very powerful and fully featured personal diary application. It offers a rich, formatted diary with a digital photo album. Features include: — Diary Management: You can add personal events to a calendar and tag them for easy retrieval. You can also record pictures/videos and hyperlinks to make diary entries more expressive. — Diary Updates: You can update your diary regularly using its embedded calendar. — Strong Editor: Create as many diary entries as you want and write them in your native language. Find and edit articles, hyperlinks and pictures. Insert emoticons for better communication. Highlight text or draw shapes to make the text stand out. — Digital Photo Album: Insert pictures or videos in the diary. You can also manage the imported files. — Rich Formatting: Basic formatting options (bold, italic, underlining, font size and more) and complete formatting options (including text and paragraph background, font color, etc.). — Lightweight: Record entries in less than 1 GB if you have no storage limitations. — App Store: All features can be upgraded for free. — All in ONE: Chrysanth Diary is a very powerful tool with rich features, but you will never feel limited because all features are contained in just one application. — Easy to Use: The interface is easy to use. Just point and click to create diary entries with formatting options like background color, font color, text format, images, hyperlinks, etc. — Easy to Use Editor: Text formatting, picture insertion and more. Using pictures and videos makes diary entries more expressive and it is very easy to import them and organize them in the album. — Auto-Save: Save diary data every 5 minutes. — Share to Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and more: Send diary entries to Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and more and read them from your friends or followers. — Sync Notes: Synchronize diary data using DropBox or GoogleDrive (requires DropBox/GoogleDrive app on your device). — Themes: Chrysanth Diary comes with 16 themes. — Fully Supported: Chrysanth Diary comes with a comprehensive manual. — Updates Included: The latest version of the software is automatically downloaded as soon as you install it. — Protect Your Privacy: Do not share your diary data to any site, app, device or person. Do not record your diary entries. — Back Up: Keep the data of your diary entries

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Keep track of all your daily activities with Chrysanth Diary! Chrysanth Diary is a smart digital diary application which has a user-friendly interface and offers a rich set of tools to help you collect your memories and plan your future. Organize your daily life with a calendar, diary, journal and more. -Use the calendar to keep track of all your activities such as birthdays, anniversaries, even passport dates. -Set recurring tasks which are automatically added to your calendar (e.g. always going to school) as well as reminders to help you remember them. -Create event-based notes for work, school, birthday parties or anything that can cause you to remember. Add to calendar, share with your friends and access all your notes later. -Keep your diary organized with a tree-view structure that organizes your notes into categories, categories into folders and folders into albums. -Receive reminders for important dates like school holidays, birthdays, anniversaries and more. -Add a voice memo to your notes to archive them for future reference. -Treat photos with a special touch using a filter or share them with others. -Download your favorite emoticons to make your text more expressive. -Access and edit your notes, diary and albums with a fully-fledged editor and mark-up your entries, make notes smarter with Chrysanth Diary. * Feature request: Add a sharing function with iCloud for access to your journal from any device. Chrysanth Diary helps you keep track of all your daily activities and plan your future. You can use it to organize your daily diary, create your own web pages or albums and also use it to share your memories with your friends through Facebook, Twitter or email. Chrysanth Diary is fully-featured digital diary which provides a simple and straightforward interface and offers a rich set of tools to help you keep track of your life. Chrysanth Diary features: — Amazing power: using Chrysanth Diary you can organize your daily diary, create your own web pages, and share your memories. With Chrysanth Diary you are free to decide what you want to do! -Intuitive interface: Chrysanth Diary has a simple and user-friendly interface. It includes a dictionary, text editor and formatting panel to help you manage and format text while recording your diary and organizing your notes. In addition, Chrysanth

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Chrysanth Diary is a diary application that allows you to keep a journal, organize events, make plans and keep track of your personal life and work activities. The diary section is designed to make sure that you never miss an important event and the organizer helps you put all your things into one calendar. More importantly, Chrysanth Diary allows you to insert photos, videos or hyperlinks for a more expressive journal entries. In addition, you can easily retrieve and find the entries you need by date, event, category, content or by searching for keywords. The software supports various types of media for additional details and the advanced editor makes it much more enjoyable to write. The software is well organized and easy to use with a nice start page, a calendar that keeps track of your personal activities, a diary for all your entries and the option to create reminders for the upcoming events. Everything you need to keep track of your personal life and work activities in one piece of software. Features: + Audio, video, text and image support + Record your diary entries and create reminders in the diary + Simple yet powerful editor + Format any text with various font styles + Quick access to recently used items + Show diary events on the calendar + Set your reminders in the diary + Export entries as files + Different views for the diary + Option to manually sync your diary with Gmail or Outlook + Ability to view and edit images as you type + Various media options Enable applications to properly recognize your handwriting Creates a cache folder for recognizer Each media is presented as a checkbox at the bottom of the right column Allows applications to create an archive of the recognized text Available on the list of recognized text and with the basic recognition Allows applications to recognize the same person using different input methods Available on the list of recognized text for example if two applications recognize different versions of the same application Allows applications to recognize the same media using different algorithms Provides all recognized results available on the list of recognized text Allows applications to recognize text with a much more precision than basic recognition (images, video, audio) Allows applications to know the type of media Allows applications to select the recognized voice Allows applications to know where the recognized voice was at a given moment Allows applications to know whether the recognized voice was spoken with a male or female voice Allows applications to associate the recognized voice with a given application Allows applications to associate the recognized voice with a given language Allows

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