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Christmas Adventure: Candy Storm Features Key:

  • One of the best experimental games on Steam
  • Independent development project
  • Interesting sound design
  • Music acted by Valerio Savi and Francesco Paolo Priore (Glocca!)
  • Game features:


    Nearly 40 original maps to play with friends and strangers for one new and addictive experience (no sandbox mode necessary!).


    Defeating zombies with high pounce (although not feasible in serious bullet hell game, the chainsaw is here to stay!).

    Branching paths

    Thanks to your decisions, there are 14 different ways you can finish the game each time you launch it. The issues are as follows:

  • The plot is dynamic and the story never ends.
  • There is no climax, no final boss – you win by using your brain.
  • Just because you’re not playing for your life doesn’t mean you should be bored!
  • There is no leaderboards.
  • How to get the game:

    v1.0.13.1 1. All credits for the game (platform authors, sound people, game developers and all you punks). 2. Necessary licenses to redistribute.

    Copyright 2013 by the game developer. Everyone can use a game mod,
    however the game system and the art assets for the soundtrack remain the
    author’s property. The author will kindly ask you to send him documents
    or a signed postal letter stating you bought the game. All rights reserved.

    Choose between PC and Mac. PC is the optimal choice if you don’t like or can’t play cute on Mac.

    v1.0.13.5 6. Logo Steam Tweet.

    v1.0.13.2 7. Fully available ON GOG.

    Which releases to get:


    Christmas Adventure: Candy Storm Crack + PC/Windows

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    Christmas Adventure: Candy Storm Crack + Free

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    System Requirements For Christmas Adventure: Candy Storm:

    Supported graphics cards: ATI HD 5000 or better NVidia GTX 980, NVIDIA GTX 970 or better AMD R9 290 or better AMD R9 390 or better Intel HD4000 or better CPU: i5-3470 or better i5-4690 or better i5-6600 or better i5-6600K or better i7-4790 or better i7-6700 or better i7-6700K or better


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