Caustics Generator Pro was developed to be a program for generating water caustics textures with High Dynamic Range image output. Caustics can be described as the light pattern you see at the bottom of a pool on a sunny day. The rendered images can be animated and are tileable in both space and time. This means that they are ideal for use in real-time graphics such as games and simulations, but can also be used for architectural renderings, film rendering or advertisement renderings where water needs to be illustrated. Caustics are a bit more than just the pattern seen on the bottom of the pool. Caustics is the name for the light phenomenon of converging light. Caustics are caused by the fact that light is reflected or refracted one or several times before actually hitting a surface. The more light that is refracted to the same area on a surface, the brighter the area will be lit.







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Caustics Pro offers several different options for making and generating water textures. The program can be used to produce horizontal, vertical and radial caustics. It has even been made possible to produce compound curves (parabolas) in order to simulate spiral movement and also have a greater dynamic range of the rendered image. Caustics is not a «one-size-fits all» solution. Caustics is divided into four categories, and each category needs to be carefully designed before generating the pattern. How to Use: Caustics Pro has a simplistic user interface which consists of only four buttons. These buttons are used to show the current viewport settings in the lower left corner of the interface. The buttons are: » Show Background: Show the background image while the rest of the image is generating. » Show Viewport: Show the current viewport where the caustics image will be generated. » Hide Background: Hide the background image while the rest of the image is generating. » Hide Viewport: Hide the current viewport where the caustics image will be generated. » Render/Show Preview: Render the preview in small window before generating the final image. » Export: Export the generated image to BMP, PNG, PSD, JPG or any other format. » Camera: Reset camera image. The program starts with a light and camera position defined which will be followed by various drawing tools for providing the desired caustics result. The drawing tools are: » Pen tool: Define the caustics pattern by drawing a path using the Pen tool. The pen tool is a straight line tool and is equivalent to a mouse click-and-drag stroke and is used for drawing a path that will appear as a solid colour in the final image. » Circle: Define a circle and use it as the center for rotating the scene about the x, y or z axis. » Rectangular path: Using a rectangular path, it is possible to define a repeatable pattern. » Brush: Brush tool. » Gradient fill: Smooth pattern for gradient fill. The program also allows the user to enter a position and size for the caustics results on the viewport. Although the user interface has a clean look, all the options on how to view and render the image can be found in the Inspector area that can be found

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Caustics Pro is an advanced water rendering technique. It creates realistic looking caustics effects. It creates caustics at single or multiple points of light. This allows you to create different light fields for every lighting setup. Caustics Pro is a highly configurable plugin with lots of settings to craft caustics with the color and density of your taste. You can even mix a texture color in the last shader as a base color and work it up to fit your need. Caustics Pro works with cycles and renders beautiful results with both straight and soft indirect lighting. In the latter case, the caustics are generated with a caustics shader which works fine for most setups. Caustics Pro works with Cycles and Blender Internal. It renders it like a Gouraud shader. The plugin includes a number of add ons to enhance the output and add realism to the caustics. In addition to that you will find 8 different volume maps that can be used to create custom water effects. They include deformed and creased water shapes and more. The map library is fairly huge and will keep you busy for some time. Caustics Pro Features: • Highly customizable • Generates a caustics at single or multiple lights with multi directional light distributions • Supports for a caustics shader with 2.5 dimensional shape in Cycles and Blender internal • Generates full bleed render which enables for volume maps to increase the realism of your caustics • Possibility to pass a texture color as base color for the caustics • Possibility to render in multiple settings with a single render • Possibility to render with tangent space illumination, sharp shadows and soft shadows • Works with external, spheres and spline based volume maps • PBR workflow for Cycles including multiple materials and lights • UVW control of the volume maps The texture is created from the gimp UV image of the model to be textured. It is rendered with depth of field to give the out of focus effect. Z axis shift is used to block out parts of the image to make the textures appear blurry. The preview of the texture is rendered in the z buffer without the diffuse shader so it shows what the texture would look like rendered in the diffuse shader. This ‘kid’s’ tattoo gives you a lot of control over how your character renders. Blending is turned off to optimize the tattoo and the render is done directly in the 91bb86ccfa

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Caustics Generator Pro is a free program for generating water caustics. It can be used to generate realistic looking caustics from a single view angle. This is done by splitting the scene into two areas: the top and bottom. The top area is rendered as a regular scene and contains all the details of the image and the scene description. The bottom area is rendered separately as an image mask. It contains the area of the image that is not in the top area, the light sources and the caustics for the top area. The bottom area is rendered as an image mask. So the result is that it only shows the areas in the top scene where the image is not on top, i.e. where light sources are shown. Caustics Generator Pro Features: • Easy to use program with only a few controls • Generate caustics with a single scene using pixel level adjustment • Generate caustics using a combination of a top and bottom image mask • Supports wide range of top and bottom materials with more than 150 different materials • Very low file sizes compared to other caustics generators • Configurable lights and light sources • Full control over the view angle, light direction and light intensity • Animated images, ready to be animated in After Effects, Adobe Premiere, Compressor, etc • Save for free in the Adobe® Photoshop®, After Effects®, Premiere®, Bridge®, PhotoShop®, Lightroom® and Android® formats • Configurable angle and distance the mirror has to the viewing plane • Customizable opacity of the image mask (transparency) • Optional threshold of caustic image mask • The view angle for the top area is controlled by: — adjustable horizontal angle of caustic image mask — number of times to render the caustics before splitting • Can be used to generate caustics from many different view angles • Generate caustics from one to six view angles (top left and right and top and bottom) • Configurable power-up and power-down view angles • Configurable angle and zoom the view used for caustics rendering • Can be used to render caustics from one or multiple light sources • Generate caustics from one to six view angles • Generate caustics from one to six light sources • Generate caustics using a combination of a top and bottom image mask • Support for any two-dimensional texture format

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Caustics Generator Pro features:- Render water caustics in any desired format.- Generate Caustics in 3D using a point light source and a mesh- Indirect reflection and refraction. It renders polygonal light sources and surfaces and reflects, refracts or transmits the light accordingly. The surface gets the same reflected colors as the polygon.- Supports translucent and transparent materials.- Polygonal light source support (Select Shadow Map mode)- Add specular highlights with multiple passes.- Add light falloff with multiple passes.- Apply advanced light modifiers- Shaders for diffuse, specular, and reflections.- Generate Tesselated Caustics with a mesh. The generated tesselations are Subdivided Normals so it can be used to be used as 3D Area-lit and Environment-lit textures. Welcome to the ShareMe. Shareme is a dedicated internet portal bringing users the latest shareware & freeware from the world’s best Software Authors. Shareme allows Shareware & Freeware Authors to submit their latest wares, so you the user are able to download their latest software updates all the time, after they are released! Always visit Shareme for your software needs.Q: How to uninstall a custom module on installation completion in Magento 2.1? I’m working on a module in Magento 2.1.9. I installed my module through composer, and I want to un-install it when I’m done with the theme. How can I delete the lines defined in pub/static/frontend//Magento_Theme/app/etc/module.xml? A: You are looking for the deleteModuleRun() function. For example, in your module’s __construct() function, you can call: $this->deleteModuleRun(‘Vendor_Module’); Browsing Category: Manners & Etiquette Learning new French phrases, before or after your trip to France, will help you navigate through a French restaurant with confidence. It’s easy to see things differently when you do not understand a language. Whether you are a beginner or advanced, meeting people and making new friends is harder when there is a language barrier. French […] The world’s most popular social network, has changed its policy on online bullying. More recently, Facebook prohibited its users from posting bullying photos. However, an online bullying problem started

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CPU: Intel Core i5-2500K @ 3.30GHz Memory: 16 GB RAM OS: Windows 7 64 bit or later Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760 or ATI HD 6870 DirectX: Version 11 Video Memory: 4096 MB VRAM Disc: DVD-R, DVD-RW Storage: 25 GB available space Sound: Headset Bass: Headset Keyboard: Microsoft compatible Keypad: 6-button Mouse: Microsoft compatible The