Canonical Address Converter is built as a canonical MAC address converter. All you have to do is provide the non-canonical address and get the desired canonical equivalent. Token-Ring and Ethernet use addresses which are bit swapped throughout the bytes. ATM networks also use canonical / non-canonical addresses for identifying end stations. This application is useful for converting between the two formats of MAC address. The converted address can also be copied to the clipboard.







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* The module automatically detects the network type (Ethernet, Token Ring, ATM) and determines the format of the input. * The result is then displayed in the form of a table with MAC address as the header. * The module can convert between the : (Lowercase / uppercase) format. * It also provides both * (Lowercase) format to avoid the need to write «.» before the uppercase letter. * It also provides the * (Uppercase) format. * The newly generated Canonical MAC address is copied to the clipboard. * It also converts the non-canonical address from the ‘canonical’ table to the non-canonical format. * The module also uses the same format for the result display. * The source/sink IP addresses can be selected using drop-down lists. * The module uses a mask value to avoid the need of writing and pasting MAC address before and after the digits. * The BITS 9 to 15 are used as the mask, thus you can convert any or all of them. * For example, if you want to convert the MAC address of (000100010.00010010.00100100) * into, you only need to change the digits in the 4th and 5th positions. If you want to convert the MAC address of * to, you only need to change the digits in the 4th and 5th positions. * You can also convert all MAC addresses by pressing the ‘B’ button. * The specifications and the program features are compatible with Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7, Windows 8. * The module is an easy-to-use and quick utility for use. * Also, the source/sink IP addresses can be selected using drop-down lists. * The C code is built-in. * You can also remove the * (lowercase) format with a simple press of the ‘P’ button. * You can also remove the * (uppercase) format with a simple press of the ‘S’ button. * The address conversion is also done in the background. * As soon as the result is determined, the program will convert in the background. * The program will exit by itself when the conversion is done.

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* Mac can be entered in any format that has hex representation of the hex string. * The full MAC address in hexadecimal notation (0x) is not supported as MAC address is 48 bits long, plus different endianess for Ethernet and Token-Ring. * The same MAC address in hex and decimal numbers is not supported. Browser Plugin Description: * Plugin is entirely written in Silverlight. Any «Mac» plugin is always preferable to using Silverlight’s version, since it’s easier to distribute in end users’ web browsers. * Worked on Win7, IE9 and Firefox3 (Mac OS X). * This version uses ICMPv6 Ping to resolve the host name. If the host does not respond to the ICMPv6 Ping request, then it is assumed that the host is not online and the «Ping» field will not be updated. * For IPv4 the plugin will execute «ping» command to resolve the host name, if any. Gigabit Ethernet Addresses As of this writing, this driver supports Canonical MAC Addresses for: • Gigabit Ethernet (1000 Mb/s) • Attansic (Atheros) How to use the Canonical MAC Address Converter: Is it possible to make it so that it does not show an invalid configuration error? Click to expand… Update:I’ve changed the error message into a more informative one. Instead of displaying an error, the converter application will exit with an error code that specifies which sub-blocks failed to satisfy the user’s configuration requirements. Is it possible to make it so that it does not show an invalid configuration error message? As of this writing, the current version of the converter cannot handle invalid configuration on the NIC or on the local network. However, the converter would still be useful and if someone implements a version that can handle this, then I’ll be happy to change the errors to more informative ones. I’ve made some changes to the driver. Now it is very simple and easy to use. Instructions on how to use the driver are located in the ReadMe.txt file. Please verify the changes in the ReadMe.txt before you use the driver. Simple MAC Address Converter The Simple MAC Address Converter is the simplest MAC address converter. You just type in the desired canonical MAC address and the MAC address will be updated to the new canonical 91bb86ccfa

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The application is built as a simple command-line utility that supports any number of conversions. Two arguments are used to indicate the input address and the output address. For example, to convert an Ethernet address to a Token-Ring equivalent: canonical.exe == Additional Switching Options: There are other modes besides Ethernet and Token-Ring. You can also use the -B switch, -c switch, -r switch, and -s switch to specify the network interface (NIC). These switches are only recognized if the -U switch is provided. See the man pages for more information: examples: ifconfig = == If no NIC switch is provided (there is no device at that address), the switch defaults to the -U switch (recommended). This is a little less secure because everyone can view your MAC address. If not specified, the default is: -s0: ETH -s1: Token-Ring -s2: IEEE802.11 -s3: IEEE802.5 -s4: BSD -s5: FDDI -s6: HST -s7: PBX -s8: Cable -s9: FDM -s10: SERCOS -s11: CSMA/CD -s12: 802.4 -s13: AppleTalk -s14: ICBX/CIIS -s15: SNMP -s16: SMDS -s17: VLAN -s18: L2TP -s19: RDS -s20: ATM -s21: X.25 -s22: ARPANET -s23: DECnet -s24: SLIP/PPP -s25: Frame Relay -s26: CoS & CoA -s27: IPX -s28: LocTalk -s29: IP -s30: PPPoE -s31: PPP -s32: 802.11 -s33: IEEE -s34: Apple

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Displays the canonical bit reversed MAC address for one selected by user. Can be accessed from menu / Tools / Canonical Address Converter. When entering the MAC address, it checks for any special characters and characters which are not permitted. If detected, some of the characters will be replaced by other characters. If users enters any of the characters except the MAC Address (i.e, 26, 27, 28, and 29), a popup alert will display asking to enter the correct address. The user can also select the output format in MAC address. Based on this format, conversion is done either as a MAC address or as hex number as decimal. To convert the MAC address to hex: For your convenience, a Hex converter will do this process. All you need is to specify the length of a MAC address in bytes or hex format as the input text and you get the corresponding hex address as output. Canonical Address Converter Help: Provides detailed instructions with some examples of how to use Canonical Address Converter. Enter a non-canonical address in the text field (i.e. 00:42:75:ab:cd:ef. Use colons as a separator). Also, set the number of bytes to convert as the second input field and click “Go”. You will get the canonical MAC address in the 3rd input text box. It also accepts blank spaces and the following special characters: : The colon (:) is a separator for the number of bytes used to convert. Specify the number of bytes required in the second input text box. % The percent sign (%) is a separator for the number of bytes used to convert. Specify the number of bytes required in the second input text box. Note: The address specified in the third input box is converted into a hex number. A.k.a. decimal. You can select the output format in the 2nd text box. It accepts 1 for a MAC address and 0 for a hex number. Example: Enter a MAC address of 00:42:75:ab:cd:ef Specify the number of bytes to convert as “5”. The user will get a canonical MAC address converted into a hex number as output. Canonical MAC Address Converter – Screenshot: Here is an example of how a non

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