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Aug 19, 2016Q: How do I get the specific value and keep it in a variable? I have the following two scripts: html JavaScript var target = document.getElementById(«target»); var getText = target.innerHTML; alert(getText); output Technical Information The script alerts the entire HTML. I know there is a better way to do what I am trying to do. However, I really want to know what value is inside that tag without the HTML. I have tried this and also various other variations of this… without any success. Any help on how to get ONLY that value inside the tag into a variable is much appreciated. Thanks. Very long line of text. This is a very long line of text. This is a very long line of text. A: Add var getText = target.innerText; to get what you are looking for. innerHTML returns HTML, but innerText returns just text as it is. If you just want that content, you can use var getText = target.firstChild.nodeValue; That is the text content of the element (which is just what you want), the first child element (that can be the span or the «Very long line of text. This is a very long line of text.», in your case). Q: Suggestions about what to do with old PC, MAME, and Mega Drive/Genesis I own a few old video game consoles. GSC — Sega Saturn (I have it booted up to the M2 version) PS3 — which only has one game, Death Rider, and only is capable of the Street Fighter II Turbo — I never realized at this point that there were many roms for Street Fighter 2, but apparently, the version I have is called «Kodama» — not going to play that either. PC — Discworld for Windows — which I bought back around 1994. It has a few homebrews, a bunch of old-school games, and my own code. I have no idea if the game is playable as is. MAME — the MAME is a powerful emulator

Nov 11, 2018 CLIP RENAULT Autoformation v1.3. This tool is unique for the Renault CAN CLiP V8 Car and offers a large range of functionalities on the software itself . Can Clip Renault Autoformation Dec 21, 2016 The most popular version of this software is. Description The v8 car can clip Renault software for v8 car has helped hundreds of users fix their v8 cars in minutes! Having at your disposal a complete tool for your v8 car repair, this software will now help you to fix all your doubts about the new v8 range. The v8 car can clip is a software developed with v8 car can clip Renault autoformation by a company called can clip Renault, to help you solve all your problems related to your car. V8 car can clip has been developed with much care, that’s why it’s the official Renault read more… How to install? Open the zipped file, extract the files and open the file installer.exe using the admin rights. Notice: Autoformation Can Clip Renault is a program developed by company named as Can Clip Renault, and is a free software. You don’t need to purchase Autoformation Can Clip Renault to use it, it’s a free software for personal and commercial use. Autoformation Can Clip Renault V8 Car, it’s a free program available in version 1.3 and previous versions for Windows platform. Please be aware that Autoformation Can Clip Renault is not affiliated with Renault, and is an independent software.Azerbaijan: 35% of Voters Cast Ballots and They Were All in Favor of the Change of Leader Azerbaijan: 35% of Voters Cast Ballots and They Were All in Favor of the Change of Leader Voter turnout was up nearly across the board in Azerbaijan on December 9th. President Ilham Aliyev’s opponents celebrated the country’s largest ever voter turnout by announcing results showing Aliyev had lost the referendum. Despite opposition claims that Aliyev only took 35% of the vote while his opponent, the leader of the OSCE, received just 22% of the ballots, preliminary results show that Aliyev received 39.9% of the total votes cast, with Rovnag Abdullayev of the Popular Front getting 33.9% of votes and Mehriban Aliyeva of the Labor Party 3da54e8ca3