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           For those webmasters and developers who often find themselves a tab or browser with loads of opened tabs. It’s not easy to always keep and control every tab and each tab may need to have different set of settings… Stop allowing one tab to interfere with another tab’s audio or video            playback and be paused. Your thoughts and reviews are welcomed in the Comments section below… ======================== Get AutoPause for Firefox — add-on works with any Mozilla based browser —  A: I use FxMate: It allows to configure a setting per tab on per-page basis. A: Try SuperTab: SuperTab works by «trashing» the current tab after a certain number of seconds (you can change the amount of time after which the page is trashed in options). It will also give other tabs the «insignia of importance». An option is also available to completely block every tab from playing sounds, images, etc. See SuperTab option here. Anthony Martial can be a real prick. And usually when he’s a prick, the people around him don’t exactly like it either. It’s no secret that the current Manchester United striker is reported to be a massive Oli Shaw. And that’s fine for most players, but not for one who wants to be a huge success at the football club. That’s why when Shaw tells you you’re being “flaky”, you tend to cringe and wonder whether you’ve gone too far. That’s not the case, though, with Shaw, and Martial, when they speak to the same person. The two players are very good friends who, you’d imagine, like to make everyone around them happy. And on that note, Shaw seems to have gone from «not a super fan» to «I’ve got enough time for Manchester United but I’ve got to be realistic» on Saturday in the aftermath of United’s win over Crystal Palace. It was not a good day for the Red Devils as they saw two of their players sent off in the same game, but Shaw, like Martial, still had words for him after the match. «At the start of

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Adds a new button to the context menu of a tab that when selected will pause the playback of audio in that tab, and resume it when the background audio source pauses. AutoPause Extension for Firefox Add-on / Extension Gov. Kate Brown’s decision to order the state-owned utilities to seek new customers for their remaining high-capacity electrical transmission lines was controversial, but it has settled down. Brown’s order, which took effect in January, essentially says that the Bonneville Power Administration, the federal agency that runs the power grid, will no longer accept any new transmission line expansion projects if they will exceed 66,000 volts or 55,000 amperes of transmission capacity, which is the most the BPA will consider. It also halts some other transmission line projects slated to go through the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission’s Interstate Transmission System that are now in the works. The Brown order said the “BPA should prioritize the transmission expansion projects that are part of the (FERC) projects” approved before January 2017, when the rule change took effect. But it also says FERC is “free to approve a state-certified plan or projects that meet the requirements of this order.” That was a reference to a 19,000-page transmission project submitted to FERC by a group of utilities that included Portland General Electric, and others from the Pacific Northwest. The Oregon Public Utility Commission, which is hearing the utilities’ application for approval of the larger line, said it has no way to say if it will approve the transmission line until it has completed its own study of the project. Several construction companies that were involved in the application have raised concerns about whether the project will meet the new criteria set by Brown. They have until March 16 to decide whether to proceed with the project. In their application to FERC, the utilities and their allies said they have been hurt by FERC’s reluctance to approve more transmission lines that would bring more electricity to more customers. The new policy change was intended to reduce that problem, the document said. “The service reliability of the BPA’s transmission system is at a breaking point and Oregon customers are no longer willing to risk their lives and property by installing power lines, so the BPA must be forced to b7e8fdf5c8

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An add-on for Firefox that makes sure you don’t hear any audio coming from tabs that are already playing. Features * Use it when you need to play a video or listen to a song, and you wish for the other tabs and/or browser windows to stay silent so you can focus on the audio that you are listening to. * AutoPause offers options that control whether the extension should be active all the time and whether it should be active in private tabs.  * Allows the user to block certain tabs from interrupting the audio playback for other tabs. * Blocks audio from other tabs, even if the user had allowed the audio playback in the current tab. * Only plays audio when the tab with the audio has the focus, otherwise it does not play. * Offers options to set a timeout, if AutoPause is to be active until then, and to keep the audio playback paused if the tab loses focus. * Control over the audio playback when AutoPause is active. * Supports Firefox for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. Get AutoPause for Firefox — Facing the loss of American aid, U.S. universities are urging Egypt to adhere to Egyptian law governing prostitution. Since a bloodless coup in July, the Egyptian government has been clamping down on sexual harassment in public, including on Egypt’s streets, and on much-touted celebrations of female empowerment, like the protests in Tahrir Square that brought down the authoritarian autocrat Hosni Mubarak. In a letter published on the Web sites of about 15 American universities, 30 professors and students expressed “deep concern” that an “overwhelming majority” of Egyptians “disapprove of prostitution,” and said that they fear “placing U.S. funding at risk.” Before the uprising, prostitutes were operating openly in the streets of Egypt, but in recent weeks, hundreds of them have been evicted or have fled the country. The writers, from a group of cultural, social, gender and religious experts, blame “Egyptian law, foreign policies, and other aspects of foreign culture” for “fostering” prostitution, and “supporting” it on Egyptian streets. The letter, signed by Egypt scholars, cultural commentators and academics — including people from the Institute

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——— If you are one of the computer users that works with multiple opened tabs, then there are chances that you have already experienced the following situation: music is playing in a background tab and you navigate to another page that starts audio playback. The first impulse is to look for the tab that plays music to pause it, all while both audio sources run simultaneously. This can be a nightmare in a browser window with several tabs opened. The AutoPause for Firefox add-on was designed exactly to avoid the resulting frustration and noise when there is more than one audio source active in the Firefox browser. No required configuration  Installing AutoPause in Firefox is a matter of a click and, in no time, the extension becomes active. Nevertheless, unlike other Firefox add-ons, this one has no toolbar button and no configuration to go through. In fact, other than the default options for any add-on, namely turning it on and off and choosing whether to activate it in private Firefox windows, there are absolutely no settings to deal with. To put it another way, it is an add-on that runs in the background and requires no user intervention or configuration. Automatic audio pause in Firefox  To test its functionality, you must load two different pages in two tabs, each having its audio source. For instance, you could load a video on YouTube in a new Firefox tab and let it play. Then, open a new tab and navigate to an Internet radio station. As soon as you hit the “Play” button on the latter, the YouTube video pauses and you will be able to hear the radio stream. The interesting thing is that if you close or pause the playback on the radio tab, the YouTube video is resumed automatically. Block audio interfering between tabs  While it does not offer any control whatsoever, AutoPause is a handy add-on for those who often find themselves opening or pinning a large number of tabs in Firefox. It features a simple function: to block an audio source that plays in the background when a new audio sources starts playing in the currently opened tab. In August 2007, Gabriel Lielmanis from Orlando, Florida, United States wrote an article on CES 2008 website to point out the revolutionary technology for protecting privacy on the Internet. The article introduced the world to the most advanced DRM scheme, Traklight video, Music, and Game Control. Meanwhile, at the same time, F2M announced the second generation of Traklight’s USB dongle

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Windows 10 64-bit or newer (not sure if it still needs to be at least 32-bit) 3+ GB of RAM (on PC and Mac) 10+ GB free disk space (on PC and Mac) 720p minimum screen resolution (Mac) DirectX 11.1 Super Duper Graphics Library 2.5 or later (alternatively, SuperDuper 2.5.3 or later) Additional Notes: The graphics of this game are very intensive and CPU use is very high. Comp