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AutoCAD enables users to create 2D and 3D drawings, manage technical information, and combine AutoCAD drawings with other AutoCAD and non-AutoCAD objects. It is used for 3D construction and detailing, mechanical design, architectural design, landscape design, and other types of drawings. It is a platform for many other features, like rendering, sheet-metal design, and electrical and plumbing design. Subscription-based products include AutoCAD LT, which is cheaper than AutoCAD and allows a broader audience to use the software. AutoCAD Premium is for power users and includes AutoCAD 2018, DWG Archive, DWG Export, AutoLISP, A360, Netscape Navigator, and Internet Explorer. AutoCAD Architectural is designed for architects and those who work with architects. AutoCAD Architecture features the ability to view, analyze, and annotate structural, architectural, and engineering drawings. AutoCAD 2018 was released in November 2017. New capabilities for working with.dwg,.pdf,.png,.jpg, and.tiff files were added to the 2018 release. The new rendering options for the DesignCenter and PresentationCenter also made their debut in the 2018 release. In addition, you can now share.dwg files on social media. AutoCAD 2018 also includes improvements in drawing tools, including precision control of the pen for drawing lines and dashed lines, and enhanced type-on-type functionality that let you change the font used in a line or text box. A new feature lets you view your drawings in a traditional two-page format. AutoCAD 2018 also includes new features for drafting that include background rendering for maximum visibility, enhanced drafting tools, the ability to switch to a previous view, and support for conditional blocks and areas. AutoCAD DWG Export 8.2 is bundled with AutoCAD 2018. AutoCAD DWG Export 8.2 enables users to transfer drawings from AutoCAD to other CAD packages that are able to import and display AutoCAD DWG files. AutoCAD is available as a standalone app on Windows and macOS. For iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch, AutoCAD is available in the App Store. AutoCAD Mobile is a web-based version of AutoCAD that works on smartphones and tablets. The desktop version of AutoCAD is available for purchase on DVD or digital download from Autodesk.


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If the App is successfully launched a screen like in the attached picture should appear. Screenshots ![screenshot]( ![screenshot]( ![screenshot]( ![screenshot]( ![screenshot]( ![screenshot]( ![screenshot]( ![screenshot]( Features: * Save or load projects * Import projects with vrml, stp, xslt * Export to stp, dxf, stp, svg, pct, ascii * Export to pdf, png, emf * Save to png, jpg, bmp, jpeg, gif, tiff * Support of StdText * Support of STP, DXF and STL * Support of DXF and STL conversion with animation * Support of StdText, STP and DXF * Support of STP, DXF, SVG and PCT conversion with animation * Easy to use * Easy to use and learn * Add new command can be easily done * Save to JPG, BMP and PNG formats * Save to JPG, BMP and PNG formats with animation * The license key can be deleted

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With Markup Assist, you can send in feedback to CAD files that you mark up on paper, providing you with a complete set of AutoCAD commands that will add the new information to your drawing automatically. The experience is similar to that of drawing on paper. You can send feedback by fax, email, or through your choice of third-party feedback technology. If you use a third-party tool for feedback, Markup Assist allows you to control who can see your feedback. (video: 1:22 min.) You can also use this feature to send feedback to other AutoCAD users. For example, you can easily attach completed parts of your drawings to your submission email and send the email to your colleagues for review. If your colleagues use Markup Assist, they can comment on your drawing and you can respond to their comments, all in one email. You can also view and comment on the feedback of another user without the other user knowing you are commenting on their drawing. (video: 1:25 min.) Drawing Tips: Use drawing filters to show and hide detail and control how you see the drawing. You can also apply styles to a layer or groups of objects to quickly style them. (video: 1:12 min.) Work with references to create your drawings more quickly and efficiently. You can browse and add images, symbols, or drawings to your drawings to create context. Use imported drawings or other layers to show information or elements in different perspectives. (video: 1:27 min.) You can use the outliner to analyze and modify the structure of your drawing. Use grouping and filtering to view and organize parts of your drawing. (video: 1:22 min.) You can insert text, drawings, and layers directly into the drawing canvas. Quickly and easily insert, annotate, and edit your drawing, including creating text, images, and lines. (video: 1:33 min.) Dynamics of Geometry and Objects: Work with voxels to quickly make changes to your shapes and changes to your drawing. Quickly remove objects and adjust their location or size with the new voxel feature. (video: 1:28 min.) You can use voxels to make changes to an object without editing the original. To edit the original, simply edit it again, and the edits will be reflected in the voxel object. You can even use voxels

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