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AutoCAD 2015 is a desktop-computer 2D CAD system used by engineers, architects, draftsmen, and other designers. With its straightforward user interface, a wealth of features, and extensive command-line capabilities, it’s a valuable tool for anyone who needs to plan, sketch, and draft, whether it’s a new home or an entire factory. AutoCAD vs. SketchUp AutoCAD 2015 is the first version of Autodesk’s AutoCAD product line to use 3D CAD (computer-aided design) technology. The product line is initially split into two, AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT (which is geared toward lower-end users), and the two are sold separately. AutoCAD LT is designed to be simpler and easier to use. For that reason, CAD software applications such as AutoCAD were never as popular or successful on the desktop as CAD programs that focus on 3D design like SketchUp. Even now, many architects and engineers prefer to use AutoCAD or AutoCAD LT rather than SketchUp because they prefer a desktop program over a web-based application. AutoCAD LT and AutoCAD are both Windows-based programs, but AutoCAD is more similar to SketchUp than AutoCAD LT is, in that it is designed to be used with more powerful computers that have larger RAM capacity and faster hard drives. SketchUp is a web-based application, so a lot of its power comes from the cloud. AutoCAD LT is more like SketchUp Lite, in that it is designed for smaller, simpler tasks and is not as capable as AutoCAD. AutoCAD also has a solid command-line interface (CLI). While AutoCAD LT lacks the ability to easily edit block text, commands, and macros, the CLI is a powerful way to perform certain tasks quickly and with greater precision. Designers can buy either one or both of AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT separately, or can purchase the two applications as a full-function package. AutoCAD LT is a free trial version. AutoCAD is a paid product. Designers use AutoCAD for a wide variety of tasks, including: 2D drafting and printing of plans, drawings, and graphics Vector graphics such as using wireframe, line, and polygon objects Vector editing, including 3D drawing 2D drafting of architectural

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Support for parametric drawing: AutoCAD supports parametric drawing, where the drawing can be created as a series of parameter curves, sections and text. For the most part, when we talk about «parametric» here, we really mean «parametric» in the sense that it is more a process of creating a drawing with dynamic objects that are constrained by a series of parameter curves. The most common example of parametric drawing in AutoCAD is the construction of a wall: we may start with a series of rectangles that are constrained to be contiguous, parallel to a given plane. We then curve these rectangles until they reach the desired shape and height, and then we constrain the vertical line to be parallel to a given plane or extrude the wall vertically to the height we desire. Support for freeform drawing: AutoCAD is considered one of the leading CAD programs for creating free-form drawings. A freeform drawing is a drawing that is not constrained by a geometrical shape or defined by orthogonal constraints. This can be achieved in AutoCAD by using the «free» tools that are available for sketching, such as the line, arc, point and polyline tools. Freeform drawing in AutoCAD is also known as «scenic drafting». Layered drawing: AutoCAD supports the creation of very complex drawings. With many layers, these drawings can be infinitely complex. It is possible to freely move objects, paths and text to a layer and then redraw the drawing using the appropriate layer. It is also possible to have a certain drawing entirely out of focus with a transparent layer behind it. Non-linear and non-repeating arcs: With AutoCAD, a non-linear curve is a curve that is not a geometric representation of a circle, ellipse, or spline. For instance, a circle in a 2D drawing can be created using two straight lines, a circular arc can be created using two straight lines, a parabola can be created using a set of non-linear straight lines, a path can be created using parametric curves, and a spline can be created using non-linear curves. AutoCAD supports several different methods for creating non-linear arcs. The most popular method in AutoCAD is the «nurbs circle» tool. The tool can create circles, ellipses, and spline based curves. Extensive path plotting and editing tools: AutoCAD is probably the best path editor af5dca3d97

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Import designs from other CAD platforms. Use existing designs as a starting point to create a new drawing, with a single click and without erasing and re-drawing geometry. Improved feature visibility. Enter 3D and 2D views from the flyouts and the 3D view tools’ toolbars. As you enter views, change the shading or brightness to show hidden features and surfaces. You can toggle between material styles and shading to see different aspects of geometry. Simplified dialogs. Scroll through your AutoCAD history to find what you’re looking for quickly. Adjusting drawing settings in the dialogs is easier with more space to view. New Markup Assist dialog. An easy way to enter geometry, images, or text annotations quickly. Use the Markup Assist dialog to add new or edit existing annotations. Enter text or images with a single click, and use predefined templates to quickly add more annotation options. Copy drawing into other drawings. Copy drawings and edit them in place in other drawings. You can copy drawings between Active Workspaces or between drawings in the same workgroup. New 2D and 3D File Handling: File management has been completely redesigned. Use the + button to add an existing file to your drawing or to select a file in the Favorites panel. Use the Favorites panel to quickly select the drawing files you work with most often. Access new or redesigned viewports. You can add any number of new 3D, 2D, and perspective views to your drawing using a new, unified Viewport dialog. Geometric modeling and visualization: New 3D modeling and drawing views. Create, edit, and modify modeling geometry from 3D, 2D, and perspective views. Change the camera position to see the modeled geometry in 3D. New slicing and rendering options. Use the Edit Polygon command to slice and render any geometry. Add a Camera Guide to define a view from which to create slices. Sketch guides. Start and end a sketch line at a line or arc, or a corner of a rectangle, circle, or any other geometric shape. Extensive mouse control. When you need to move the view so that it’s aligned with an object, specify a snap to a side, edge, or face. Set the orientation of a camera or viewport by simply moving your mouse. New Extents tool. Add dimensions to your drawing

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Intel: Dual-Core Processor or better Windows 7, Vista, or XP DirectX: Version 9.0 Minimum screen resolution: 1024×768 Minimum system requirements: I think I’ll make a short post first because I want to get a few things out of the way… First, I want to make sure that you know that this mod doesn’t replace the actual cutscene, it just places the cutscene after a few scenes. My reasoning for this is that it doesn’t ruin the whole experience and we do all know that