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Atlantis is a simple text editor you can use to create writing and publishing files, without any need to use a whole set of software. The file size is not large and your setup only needs text and an Internet connection. This allows you to write without having to deal with several utilities that form a huge structure. Supported file formats You can start your writing in Atlantis immediately after a few minor steps. Just select a text file to open and write it. Dictionary auto-completion of words and names Use the built-in auto-complete function to search for any specified word. This is to ensure that the desired word is in the first hit. Also, you can add words and phrases to the auto-complete to ensure that the text you are currently writing contains those words. When the word or name appears on your screen, click on it to open a complete list with related suggestions. Then, you can choose the one you like best. Easy insertion of formatting You can use the popup menus above the text field to insert special characters (e.g. codes for hyperlinks, superscript and subscript, etc.), change text sizes (e.g. bold, italic, etc.), change colors for text, backgrounds, and whatnot, insert line breaks and auto-wrap and other functions. A lot of useful features As mentioned above, there is more flexibility here than in many other programs. Just in case you don’t know, they are automatically added to the computer during a setup. File association The edit connection can be set to Auto-Associate. Thus, any text file or data file opened from your computer will automatically be opened when you click to edit it from Atlantis. This feature is useful for example when you are working with a document containing a URL, you can open this link in a web browser (or a different program) and then quickly open the link from Atlantis. In short, the connection mode makes it possible to edit many types of documents. About The Author David is studying web design in Germany but is constantly traveling to the United States to visit his friends and family.Mind and body mind (Aloïse) {{Infobox| AloïseFrançois Rabelais King of France from 1388 to 1453 Nicholas Copernicus Native

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Atlantis is the ideal way to start a personal office. The app will let you start a new document, or quickly create an e-mail in a few clicks. Not only will it help you to stay on top of things, but it will also provide the basic tools to have a meaningful conversation anywhere you go. Whether at home or at work, you can start a chat, or create an SMS, an e-mail or even an image to keep your contacts informed. Benefits: • Creates a new document in no time. • Check inbox to open an email and reply to it. • Create email with message, subject, attachment and more. • Create SMS with message, subject, attachment and more. • Add an image to a text or e-mail. • Create a photo album by importing photos from your device. • Manage todos and tasks. • Add notes to messages and documents. • Share files to other apps on your device and to Dropbox. • Keep in touch with friends and family. • Keyboard shortcuts! • Easy to learn! Email This Story Email this story Email it to your friend using the form below. Name Your friend’s name: Your email Your friend’s email: URGENT: See the photos Send this to the following email address: URGENT: See the photos from the slideshow Your Name: Your Email: Recipient’s Email: Urgency Your Message: This email address is already in use. URGENT: See the photos Enter the characters shown in the image above. This is to prevent automated programs from abusing this service. This field is required. Please enter the code above to continue. Let us email this story You are in control of the Email addresses you enter into this form. We will use them only to send you this story. You can modify your Email preferences at any time. This story is attached to this email address: Enter your email address below. This email address will not be used any more, and will only be used for sending this email. We will never share your Email address with anyone, and you can always have it removed from our database. If you have any questions or comments about our privacy policy, please email us. We will b7e8fdf5c8

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Atlantis Word Processor Lite is an excellent word processor written in C++ for Windows with the GTK+ library and GStreamer. This word processor has excellent features to create documents, combine and split words and phrases and to automatically create and save document files in RTF format. Atlantis Word Processor Lite is an excellent word processor written in C++ for Windows with the GTK+ library and GStreamer. This word processor has excellent features to create documents, combine and split words and phrases and to automatically create and save document files in RTF format. Atlantis Word Processor Lite Features: Automatically save file in RTF format Automatically create new folder if none exist Create a new document from a template Save to folder (by index) Insert the date (for DOS- and Linux-based systems) Create a new document from a template Add list in a paragraph Convert the text to HTML Create plain text files with extensions: doc, docx, rtf, rtfx, txt, txtx, pdf, html Edit files in text view and in the editor Create LaTeX documents Edit and create plain text files Align the text to left, center, right Customization: Change the default fonts Change the default colors Resize the window Create: Batch file (for Linux) DOS-based (for Windows) Shared Preferences Preferences saved in plain text files Security of preferences THE USE OF THE SOFTWARE, PRODUCT, SERVICE, OR WEB SITE IS ENTIRELY AT YOUR OWN RISK. THIS IS GENERALLY PROVIDED BY REMOTE PICKUP/FORCE DELIVERY SERVICES. SOME LICENSES/RIGHTS MAY BE RESTRICTED IN SOME COUNTRIES BY LOCAL LAWS. Please contact us at 1-866-GOT-WORDQ: How to get the first «col» from a jtable I am looking for a way to get the column number from a Jtable. How can I do that? For example I have a Jtable with three columns ( col1, col2, col3 ) public static void main(String[] args) { // TODO code application logic here DefaultTableModel model = new DefaultTableModel() { @Override

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Atlantis Word Processor Lite is a useful and powerful text editor. This application does not only make you write documents or letters with ease, it also comes with extra advanced functions that enable you to increase productivity, manage work flow and even track and organize everything in the way you want. This text editor has been optimized for computers with 32-bit OS. This may seem insignificant, but it’s what makes this application stand out from the crowd. If you want a text editor for use with computers running XP or other older OS, Atlantis Word Processor Lite is the application for you. Key Features: Single Window Interface Multiple language support Drag and Drop menu Copy, Cut, Paste, Undo, Redo Format Paragraph Create, Delete, Modify RTF Files Scrolling right-left to adjust content Multiple fonts Powerful undo function Delete history of changes Set Save file folder Set Password to protect RTF files Backup files Create, Compress, Delete ZIP and RAR Files Quick access to special characters Customizable menu bar Atlantis Word Processor Lite Screenshots: Rating: 5/5 stars (100%) Disclaimer: This review is based on the software trial provided to us by the publisher, Laibao. Hi, my name is Benjamin, I’ve been using computers for more than 25 years now. I started my career as a software programmer for Mac OS software back in the 90’s. My interest in technology spans from programming and coding to graphic design.James Stirling (Australian politician) James Stirling (1815 – 5 November 1875) was a pastoralist and politician in the early days of South Australia. Stirling was born in Edinburgh and arrived in South Australia aboard Mary Ann in April 1838. Stirling was a pastoralist in the Riverton area in the 1840s, and in the early 1850s was a partner in the Riverton Investment Company, but ceased to hold any interest in the company by 1861. He was elected to the South Australian House of Assembly for the Electoral district of Encounter Bay for the first and only time on 10 December 1857 on a platform of colonial federation, abolishing the province of South Australia, «at once in conjunction with every other colony in the Union». This was a protest vote against Henry Ayers, premier of the Province of South Australia,

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