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Designing The Perfect Logo Logos are the key to your company’s marketing strategy. They are the visual identity you use to advertise, brand, and represent your company. The Visual Brief A visual brief is a professionally produced document that provides all of the necessary content to create a great logo. It includes the following: A high-resolution digital version of the logo that you want to convey a sense of clarity, balance, and simplicity. Since the logo can be scaled as small as you need it to be for printing, the quality of the original is important. Color imagery of your logo. This can be images of the logo with text, or something else that represents your brand and message (or the end result of what you want your logo to communicate). Textural elements (gradient, photo texture, and other original material that would be used to communicate the style and feeling of your company). Illustrations/Vector Artworks that make the logo consistent and different from your competitors. Vector images are scalable, so you can have great looking logos in any size. White space—your message within your logo is supported by white space surrounding your logo. Tips for Designing a Logo that Sells Every logo design will need to answer some basic questions: Who do you want to approach? What message do you want to communicate? How should your logo look? The answers to these questions determine the type of logo that you should select. How To Design a Logo Step 1. Selecting the Font and Typeface You first need to select the font and typeface that you want to use to convey your message. When in doubt, choose a familiar, friendly typeface that will be easy to read and remember. That said, there are some standard typefaces that you might want to choose from, since they will probably be familiar. These include Times New Roman, Helvetica, Arial, Tahoma, Verdana, and Georgia. 2. Choosing the Size Size is important. Think about the size you want your logo and graphics to be when selecting a font and typeface. When in doubt, choose a size that will fit on your screen. For example, if you are designing your logo in Photoshop, you should select the lettering size when designing your logo. If you are designing in the web browser, you can select the size of the type

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Everyone who has ever had the opportunity to use the tool on the desktop (or web) knows that the controls can get a little confusing. Let’s see how to make use of the big red buttons to get things done quickly. Here is everything you need to know to make the most of Photoshop Elements 16 First of all, you should familiarize yourself with the interface. A Help window and the video tutorial that comes with the software are a good starting point. Once you understand how it works, you can use it immediately and start creating beautiful images. Although Photoshop Elements is an excellent free tool for photographers, a bit of learning is required to become a true Photoshop guru. Don’t worry, it will only take you a little while. Let’s look at what you need to know to use Photoshop Elements efficiently and start creating amazing photos. Use the image browser to view your photos The image browser is where you will find your photos. It allows you to search for photos on the desktop or on the web. Let’s say you want to open the camera roll and find all the photos you took with your smartphone the other day. Open the “file location” menu and then select the icon with an image inside to open the photo album. To browse all photos on the web, you can use the search bar to look for images on social networks like Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest. Clicking on any of the thumbnails will automatically load the respective image. Use the tool to open the image and work on it. When you open an image in Photoshop Elements, you should always have the layer panel open. You can use the layer panel to add shapes, images, text or other types of objects (using the icon at the top of the layer panel). You can then move, resize and arrange the layers using the arrow buttons on the top left of the image window. To set the Photoshop Elements workspace to full-screen use the small cross-shaped icon in the top right corner of the image window. This will also hide the menu bar and expand the image window. Work on the images Now, let’s have a look at the tools you have at your disposal in Photoshop Elements 16. The Top and Bottom Elements Use these tools to work on an image’s layers. The Top tools cover the layers from the 05a79cecff

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Receptor-positive, ligand-negative lymphocytes in murine lymphoid tissues. The existence of T cells bearing receptor-negative, ligand-positive (R-L+) properties was demonstrated. This phenomenon, which is analogous to the t-cell receptor-negative, surface-positive phenotype in the B lymphocyte differentiation pathway, was found to exist in T cells in all lymphoid tissues examined and at all stages of differentiation except in bone marrow. Double immunofluorescence microscopy with anti-T cell receptor and anti-Lyt-1 antibodies was used to reveal the presence of both receptor-positive and -negative T cells in the thymus, spleen, and lymph nodes of genetically mature mice. The percentage of R-L+ cells in the thymus was highest at the stage when thymocytes are known to possess Lyt-2 antigens and lowest at the stage when thymocytes are known to bear Thy-1 antigens. It was present in the spleen at a lower level at the stage when spleen cells do not bear Lyt-2 antigens. In bone marrow, the fraction of R-L+ cells is comparable to that found in the spleen at the stage when spleen cells do not bear Lyt-2 antigens. These findings suggest that the existence of R-L+ cells in the mouse lymphoid tissues is a property that is acquired during the maturation of thymocytes.This invention relates generally to a system and method for encouraging customer loyalty, and, more particularly to a system and method for incentivizing a customer to patronize a particular retailer by awarding to the customer a non-monetary reward, based upon the customer»»s customarily purchasing a predetermined combination of selected items from the store. It is well known that a significant percentage of the sales of retail establishments are generated by repeat customers, who patronize the establishment as a matter of convenience rather than as a result of any public or private advertising or marketing campaigns. The desire and willingness of such repeat customers to continue purchasing from a particular establishment are sometimes referred to as customer loyalty. It is also known that a significant percentage of the customers of such retail establishments are those who regularly purchase products from that establishment. It is also known that many of these customers are repeat customers of that particular establishment. Retail establishments, including those that sell products by mail order, have attempted for a number of years to increase their customer base by offering merchandise or services that are

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Q: Laravel 5.3 How to Use DB::raw() with Carbon I try to use DB::raw() with a SQL date. The SQL is SELECT `ed_extent`.*, TIMESTAMPDIFF(second, `date_created`, `date_modified`) AS `age_from` FROM `{$tableName}` AS `ed_extent` And I try to use it with Carbon like this: Carbon::now()->diffForHumans() Works fine, but with DB::raw() it crashes with the SQL error message: SQLSTATE[21000]: Cardinality violation: 1241 Operand should contain 1 column(s) (SQL: SELECT `ed_extent`.*, TIMESTAMPDIFF(second, `date_created`, `date_modified`) AS `age_from` FROM `{$tableName}` AS `ed_extent`) What is the correct way to fix this problem? A: You can do as this: DB::table(‘ed_extent’)->selectRaw(‘ed_extent.*, TIMESTAMPDIFF(second, `date_created`, `date_modified`) AS `age_from`’) ->whereRaw(‘TIMESTAMPDIFF(second, `date_created`, `date_modified`) >?’, [5]) Hope it helps!! Description Cuba Felizes. Cuba Felizes. Announced on 1989-03-21, this data was last updated on 2013-12-05. There are 33 records of Cuba Felizes available, which come from 11 sources. In total they contain 20 fields, with a combined length of 1672 characters (including spaces). The average size of a Cuba Felizes entry is 34 characters long. Wanna write a little about yourself? When uploading your profile you have to provide us with a date. If you don’t have a date you can pick «no preference».Investigations into the formation and stabilization of the superstructures of dilithium. Two-dimensional sliding disilicon superstructures in a diluite-like matrix were obtained by annealing dilithium-dilithium mixtures at 600 degrees C. Their geometry and

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Tablet: iPad 2, iPad mini, iPhone 4S and up, iPad Air 1 and up Laptop: MacBook Air or equivalent (Notebook laptop with a trackpoint or equivalent) Intel Core i5 or equivalent processor 8 GB RAM 1280×800 display or higher resolution Windows: Windows 7 or higher 16 GB RAM NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 or equivalent 120 GB of hard disk space Media Player: Windows Media Player ** Screenshots of Control