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* Adobe ImageReady CS5: This is the beginner’s tool. It contains most of the features that you need to learn to edit raster images, including all the drawing tools, layer navigation and manipulation tools, blending options, and the adjustment tools. It was released at the same time as Photoshop CS5 and offers many of the same features. If you can use Photoshop CS5, you can use ImageReady, and you will get the same types of editing skills. * Photoshop Elements: This is a cheaper version of Photoshop with an emphasis on making it more of a «kitchen-sink» tool that is very affordable. It features all the same types of functions as Photoshop, but without some of the advanced features. If you don’t use a lot of advanced features, but still want to learn the basics of editing images, ImageReady is worth a try. If you are looking for a tool to put some images on your business website, you may want to consider this product. If you are looking for something more advanced than Photoshop Elements, check out Adobe Photoshop Lightroom. It’s the new photography version of Photoshop and is designed with photographers in mind.

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1. Create a New Document In the menu bar (the top left), click File > New. A new document will open in the editing window. 2. Select the Mode The Mode refers to how we want to edit the image (otherwise referred to as the Image type). Here, we want to edit a photo, so we will select Photo. Note that the File menu still contains the option of creating a New Image as a choice for our new document, but we are not interested in this option anymore. 3. Set the Size In the new document window, the Width and Height properties are displayed below the New Image button. Adjust these values for your image. 4. Select the Type The Type is where we choose what kind of image we want to create. For a typical photo, we would select the Type and make it plain. 5. Select a Template The Template contains design ideas for how the image will look. Choose from a set of designs you like and move on. 6. Adjust the Sharpness Underneath the Width and Height properties are two drop-down boxes. Click the one for Sharpness to adjust the Sharpness. Note: The Sharpness settings here are for the entire image. If you want more fine-grained control of image sharpness, you can use the Save for Web & Devices option in the file menu to export a version of the image for each adjustment the image has been made to. 7. Blur the Edges To give your image a soft, blurred look, click the Blur Edges drop-down box and select Soft. 8. Add a Background Click on the New Image button at the bottom of the new image window and the X out of Y image editing window will be displayed. 9. Use the Rectangle Tool Click and drag to create a rectangular selection. Note: Because the Image Type is set to Photo, the selection rectangle will be red, and you may need to Ctrl-click the left-mouse button to deselect. Use the Selection Mode to change the selection to Line. Now that we have a selection window, select the background you want to use with the Add Image Background window in the image editing window. We don’t want to select the whole photo, so drag the selection to the left until only part of the background is selected. a681f4349e

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2. You can change the text type, style and size using the Text tool, as shown in the following illustration: 3. While editing text, you can use the Type Tool to edit the type characteristics, such as making it larger, smaller, bolder or more italicized. # Chapter 4: – Composition This book covers all the essential subjects related to the graphics and digital creation of illustrations. We will learn how to create basic logo designs, break down complicated logo designs and generate realistic and elegant logos using Photoshop. This includes how to create concepts and sketch layouts, and how to make logo templates and create layered files. We will also discover how to correct perspective issues, create consistent photos and illustrations, and combine various materials. In this chapter, we will learn: * Using perspective to create depth * Creating a logo using sketching * Correcting layout issues * Creating concepts for logo designs * Working with multiple objects on a page * Working with multiple files * Creating a realistic illustration # Learning the ways of looking at things Unlike when you were a child, where you could draw a picture with just a stick and paper, today’s complex designs need to be seen from a distance. Even when you are working on a small scale, you still need to be able to make sure that the perspective on the small picture is correct and that elements are easy to grasp and easily recognizable. Our brain is able to see an image in three dimensions based on its depth. ## Creating depth When we examine an image, our brain sees the picture in three dimensions. However, when a picture is presented in two dimensions, it cannot convey any depth and may appear flat and lifeless. To make the picture appear more realistic, we need to create a depth effect. For example, a small number of a newspaper might not actually have any pages, but the viewer perceives it as a single sheet. A single picture might not actually be three-dimensional or realistic. Using a paper or pencil, sketching, or creating a drawing can help you correctly create a depth effect. ## How to use perspective There is no way to capture all the details of an image in only a two-dimensional layout. There must be some sort of imaginary line between the observer and the image in order for the image to appear realistic. Performing the technique of using perspective is the process of

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OS: Windows 10 (Version 1809) or later (Current release version) Processor: Intel i5/i7 Memory: 8 GB Hard Drive: 20 GB available space Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070/AMD Radeon R9 290 (1 GB VRAM) Software: [SA] Minecraft PE ( or later [Community] Exocraft Plugin or later [Community] Notepad++ 5.