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Illustrator Illustrator is Adobe’s vector graphics program that may be used alone or in conjunction with Photoshop. Like Photoshop, Illustrator has a layer-based editing system that enables vector graphics creation and altering. It is most often used for type creation and formatting. Adobe states that Illustrator offers the following advantages over Photoshop: * Graphic designers can use Illustrator without Photoshop. * Illustrator can be used for print design, logo creation, web design, video production, film, and book layout.

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It consists of: Photography: Multiple selection, layers, blend modes, filters Adjusts colors, works with layers Adjusts exposure, contrast, brightness, and more Print: Resize and crop Format, adjust the size PDF, JPEG and more Text: Type, size, position, and color Vector, bitmap, bitmap group, explode, flow Masks and eraser Rotate, resize and more Drawing: Artistic strokes, sketch, vector Adjust the color, change brush size Then you have to edit it in Photoshop Elements: “Send to Photoshop” Or manually: “Copy”, “Paste”, “Edit Image” (Note: Manual editing for editing is done the same way that you would do in a traditional version of Photoshop) Photoshop Elements comes with a lot of built-in features and ways to customize the program to your needs. In this tutorial you will learn how to: Create and work with Graphic Elements How to work with the canvas How to edit Graphic Elements, including: Rendering Adjusting color, contrast, brightness, and more Adding text, drawing and other elements Using layers and masks How to import images, create layers and the “Send To Photoshop” tool How to make selections What a selection is and how to use it How to crop, rotate, resize and more How to apply adjustments to layers in a canvas How to add effects to images How to save images in a variety of formats Edit images How to work with colors and customize color settings How to save canvas How to save it as PDF, JPEG, GIF or TIFF How to export to PDF, JPEG and GIF How to resize images How to combine images How to work with Shape, Ellipse, Rectangle, Line, Polygon, Arc, Rounded Rectangle, Bulge, Rounded Square, Glossy and Reflections How to create or add borders How to create compound Paths, create 3D How to add 3D effects in images How to work with layers in a 388ed7b0c7

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Re: Pawn Storm — Removal Hi. I am a lifetime member on these boards and have seen quite a few threads on Pawn Storm. I remember one member — R.G. posted back around 2002 that he was cleaning out his PS system with a combination of removing cartridge data, cleaning up garbled games, and cleaning up programs/exits. I am going to copy the exact post I remember from this thread as it details his system removal procedures very well. I encourage everyone else to follow this thread. I have nothing to lose as I only have a 128k NIB version of Pawn Storm. I am currently running a full system scan (S.P.D.64) and I am dumping the games from the NIB. Here is a brief post from the past on this subject. Quote: Originally posted by coldfusion man Since I started cleaning up my PS system, I have gotten rid of 2 game cartridges (turtle II and The Patient) and dumped both games. I also have a third still in the hopper. I am currently doing a more in depth «clean up» process. When I get done cleaning up all the games and junk, I am going to start clearing the program exits in the system and I am also going to address the compatibility issue with the system by converting the version of the system to the latest version. I am not sure what language you are using, but I assume you are using DOS for your computer. Here is the paragraph I am getting ready to remove from the Pawn Storm manual. Quote: Make sure that you have Windows XP installed or that you have installed Windows 98 on the computer you are using to run Pawn Storm (see Chapter 5, Installing Pawn Storm). Windows 98 is not supported by Pawn Storm. This is especially important if you are using this computer to run other DOS-based software programs. If you continue running DOS-based programs on this computer, Pawn Storm will not function properly. Remember to check for the following potential problems and correct them before continuing: If you encounter a problem while installing or running Pawn Storm, print this page of instructions and look for the problem. For other problems, check the Internet and the Pawn Storm Help files. The number one problem I have seen when people try to clean up their systems with Pawn Storm is not having a Windows XP or a Windows 98 system installed

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Many tools are available, but the most common ones are discussed below. Paint Bucket Brush (Magic Wand) The Paint Bucket brush, often referred to as Magic Wand, is an excellent tool for retouching and image editing. You can use the Paint Bucket brush to select and fill areas of a photo. This is useful for making minor changes to a photo or for removing unwanted elements, such as background elements or unwanted objects. Select the area to be removed or changed by drawing or clicking. Use the Brush tool to click within the selection. Choose the Fill option to paint the area you selected with your desired color. Photoshop will then apply the color to the area. You can also select an area for changes by using the Direct Selection tool to click the area where changes are desired. Alternative: Use the Gradient tool to select a gradient that will fill the area you selected. Press «G» to fill the selected area with the gradient. Eraser Tool The Eraser tool is one of Photoshop’s most common tools for removing unwanted objects. You can use the Eraser tool to select and remove objects or text from a photo. Select the area to be removed by clicking with the Direct Selection tool. Once you click on the area to be removed, you will notice a red or gray mark in your photo. Click and drag the mark to fill the area with the object or text you want to remove. You can also use the Eraser tool to smooth or blur the edge of an image, by pressing «A» while selecting the Eraser tool. To fix an image, use the Multiply blend mode. This mode increases the image’s contrast, which will help you to see the object more clearly, and remove unwanted objects. You can also choose to multiply the colors on a photo. This will increase the brightness and contrast of all colors in the photo. Use the Black and White eyedropper to select the color you want to adjust. Alternative: The Eraser tool has options for Soft or Hard removal of an object. Use «E» to select the Hard removal option and press «I» to click within the selected area and remove the object. Heal Brush The Heal Brush tool is a brush that allows you to select a desired area and remove unwanted objects. Select the area to be removed by clicking with the Direct Selection tool. Use the Heal Brush tool to click within the selection

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Windows 7/8/8.1/10 (64 bit operating systems) At least 1 gigabyte of free space 2 GB RAM DirectX 9.0c 2 GB hard drive space NVIDIA’s OpenGL 2.0 or later graphics card with 256MB of video memory, or equivalent Intel or AMD integrated graphics card Keyboard & Mouse Resolution Settings: 1920×1080 1440×900 1280×800 1024×768 848×480 640×480