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You can also create and edit photos using Lightroom, described in Chapter 19, which gives you more control over some of the tools you need to create great images. Getting Started with Photoshop If your goal is to learn to use Photoshop to edit, retouch, and create images, take a moment to get the basics. You probably won’t be able to do much without that foundation. Be sure to learn how to do a few simple things before you attempt the more complicated projects: Save new photos with the Photoshop file type: Photoshop makes working with images easy, but you’ll need a program with support for the Photoshop file type. If you don’t have one, it’s time to get one. Chapter 3 covers choosing a program and explains how to save your files. Sharpen, fix flaws, and convert images: Understanding how to sharpen, correct exposure and light problems, and convert images into other file types is important. In Chapter 10, you find out how to adjust your photo using the Adjustment Panel and the Effects Panel. Create images from scratch: Photoshop provides a variety of tools that enable you to create and edit images from scratch. You get hands-on training in Chapters 14 and 15. Learn to copy and paste: Also covered in Chapters 14 and 15, this principle enables you to move elements of an image onto a new background and enables you to create layer masks. Blend, blend, blend: Chapter 14 shows you how to make your images look like the real world, that is, blend colors and textures together. Work with layers: Chapter 13 shows you how to use layers to separate elements of your image. Layers are the building blocks of photo retouching — or any part of it. Understand layers and masks: Chapter 13 explains how to use layers and masks to blend parts of an image. Masks are used to retouch or mask an image. A layer mask enables you to create special effects. Work with the Brush tool: Chapter 16 covers the brush, which is used to apply color and effect to your image. Using different options on the tool, you can paint any type of image. Also, Chapter 12 teaches you the basics of drawing in Photoshop. Photoshop is a complex tool; therefore, you need to master the basics before you attempt more complicated projects. Later in this chapter, I show you how to use the different tools available in Photoshop, including the eraser, lasso tool,

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With the version for Mac OS X, you can access all of the features of Photoshop on your Mac without needing to purchase additional software. It even works on your iPad or iPhone. Photoshop Elements for Mac is available for free download and a single license allows you to use it on up to five computers. The Elements Suite There are three main packages for Photoshop Elements, the core elements, premium elements and the ultimate elements. The core elements are free and come with limited functionality. The premium elements are priced higher and include more features. The ultimate elements are the most expensive version and include all of the core and premium elements. The core elements comes with a library of free image filters, edit tools and adjustment techniques. Most of the elements are complete versions of the more expensive elements. The premium elements come with the library of photo filters, editing tools and adjustment techniques along with additional features such as HDR and vector artwork capabilities. The ultimate elements come with the same photo filters, editing tools and adjustment techniques as the premium elements, as well as a full range of Adobe stock image assets, print management and Lightroom integration features. It also comes with Lightroom Mobile. The Basics of Photoshop Elements In addition to the features provided by the core elements, you get three adjustment layers, an adjustment brush, the ability to crop, resize and rotate an image. You can use layers and brushes to combine parts of several images and create complex layers. You can access the Adobe stock library for free within Photoshop Elements. You can use this stock library for images, videos and documents. There is no need to install the software on your computer or phone. You can access the Adobe stock library directly from your iPhone or iPad. There are three image sizes that you can use. The largest image size, which is 32,768 by 32,768 pixels, is for high-quality images. The mini is for more casual images and the micro is for the smallest version. You can also add a multi-page PDF document to a separate image and use it as a background to your Photoshop document. One of the advantages of Photoshop Elements is that it is possible to use it on your iPad or iPhone. A recent version of Photoshop Elements for iPhone allows you to place a physical device in your iPad or iPhone to use it as a secondary display. You can also use the iPhone to preview your images. There are some considerations that you must be aware of before you 388ed7b0c7

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Operating Systems: Windows 10 (64-bit only) Windows 8.1 (64-bit only) Windows 7 (64-bit only) Mac OS X 10.7.5 or later Linux Minimum Requirements: Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4 GHz or higher AMD Athlon X2 2.8 GHz or higher Memory: 4 GB RAM Graphics: DirectX 9.0c compliant graphics device DirectX—Keygen-Full-Version-April2022.pdf