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You can get even more out of Photoshop through the use of a DVD or the Adobe LiveCycle Suite. LiveCycle enables you to do all kinds of advanced editing and data conversion tasks using the scanning function and the broader editing tools. Given its expense and the fact that many other programs also have similar features, it’s not surprising that Photoshop enjoys a dominant market share in the image manipulation market. Photoshop has a pretty bad record when it comes to security. For example, in 2008 the company was hacked, and the resulting vulnerability allowed hackers to access anyone’s files. If you have concerns about your own security, we recommend that you use other programs or explore the free software featured in the upcoming «Beating the Buddy Press» sidebar on the nearby sidebar. Beating the Buddy Press In the low-end of the market, you can find freeware. Best of all, freeware can contain no spyware or adware. The major drawback of freeware, however, is that it usually isn’t as stable, robust, or powerful as a commercial program. That said, freeware is available for Photoshop at no cost. Be warned: With freeware, you get what you pay for. One downside of free programs is that they come on diskettes and CDs instead of the more common download. Another downside is that freeware doesn’t offer as robust a workflow as paid programs. (Workflow refers to the way a program works with your computer and the steps involved in converting a file.) We believe that the few freeware programs available for Photoshop aren’t worth the risk. You can find freeware programs for Photoshop at Photoshop Secrets, And for more on Photoshop’s lesser-known software features, take a look at Chapter 8.

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Many online tutorials cover Photoshop, but ignore Elements altogether. Photoshop is a complex program with a lot of hidden features which you may not learn using conventional tutorials. Instead, learn Photoshop from a beginner’s perspective — with a focus on Elements. In this tutorial, you will learn the basic functions of Elements, and how to use them to create, edit and alter images. RELATED: 5 ways to reduce your Photoshop file size Elements has a very simple, straightforward user interface with only a few complex functions hidden behind a dark submenu. These are the main features of Photoshop Elements: Only a few basic shapes and tools are required to create complicated images. Only a few basic shapes and tools are required to create complicated images. 8 histogram and curves tools 8 histogram and curves tools Embellishments, typography and others Embellishments, typography and others Over 2 million stock icons Over 2 million stock icons Photo tweaks Photo tweaks Photo filters Photo filters Live-preview changes Live-preview changes Split working file Split working file Pixel-precise size adjustments Pixel-precise size adjustments Family album Family album Image adjustment: Photo and video Image adjustment: Photo and video Text, lines, shape tools Text, lines, shape tools Graphic grids Graphic grids Layer styles Layer styles Paintbrush tools Paintbrush tools 7 exclusive filters 7 exclusive filters Whiteboards Whiteboards Applying filter effects Applying filter effects Using light adjustment layers Using light adjustment layers Using layers to edit an image What can Photoshop Elements do? Elements doesn’t replace Photoshop, but it does a lot of the basic things better and with much fewer features. It is a dedicated photo editor for beginner and hobbyists. Photoshop Elements has more tools than Photoshop, but almost all the tools have a similar purpose. Photoshop Elements includes enough tools to make almost all the images you want to create. Some users may need to use Photoshop for more advanced features, but for beginners, Photoshop Elements is a good resource. For a beginner, your main tools should be a variety of photo editing tools and the Photo adjustment features. In this tutorial, I will guide you through the most essential features of Photoshop Elements and explain each tool. Elements basics Elements has a very simple, 388ed7b0c7

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Windows 10: OS Type: 64-bit OS version: Build 10240 (10.0.10240) CPU: Intel Pentium G4 3.0GHz or AMD equivalent (cores 2.0, 3.0 or 3.6 GHz) Memory: 4 GB RAM Hard Drive: 40 GB free space Graphics: NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX or ATI® Radeon™ HD Network: Broadband internet connection OS X: OS version: 10