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This article is an excerpt from Craig Rooney’s book «Photoshop CS2: The Ins and Outs of Photoshop.» It provides in-depth instructions for using Photoshop on computers running Microsoft Windows operating system. It is an easy way to learn how to use Photoshop and to familiarize yourself with using layers to turn your images into doodles, collages, and multimedia works of art. Getting Started Before you start working on your own projects, take the time to acquaint yourself with Photoshop CS2. You can start by taking some time to review the built-in help system. If you are new to Photoshop, try creating a simple image: a typeface design, a still life, a tree in winter, or something else. Create a file in the Portable Document Format (PDF) file format, although it will work just as well with Portable Network Graphics (PNG) file format as it does with Photoshop’s file format. Create a document in Photoshop that is about 13 inches by 8 inches. Zoom in using the Zoom tool (Z) located at the right side of the toolbox. Make sure you zoom in or crop your image until it is still large enough to scroll around with the Zoom tool and still small enough to see in detail. The tools you use to help your image file will automatically be deleted when you close Photoshop, but you can save the image file as a PDF file. The Photoshop file is shown here. Before you start editing your image, zoom in on a small part of the image in the image window to see it more clearly. For example, try zooming in on an area where you see the type in the text. Once you have a clean view of the type, add the type on a new layer by using the Layer Dialog box (Layer Dialog box). The Layer Dialog box is a dialog box that lets you add or remove layers from your image. It should appear when you click the New Layer button (Layer Dialog box). The Layer Dialog box is usually located on the Layers panel, as shown here. The Layer Dialog box allows you to add, remove, merge, and edit layers. Try zooming in and out on a small part of your image so that you can see the type more clearly. Using the Add Layer command, add the type to a new layer. Be sure to select the type from the drop-down menu at the top of the Layers panel.

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Photoshop Elements Features Supports Photoshop CS3, Photoshop CS4, and Photoshop CS5, and Photoshop CC (Newer versions may not work) Controls are at the top-left corner Widgets (like workspace, layers, histogram, etc.) are at the top-right corner Unusual features like layers, blending and masking are kept at the bottom of the image editing workspace. They are split into two panes. You can double-click on the toolbox to open the panels, or find them under Tools->Zoom. More information Compare this to the older versions of Photoshop: Photoshop CS3: Organize and edit images Manage layers, controls, clipping, etc Create custom brushes and palettes Layers Pixel Size Fill Vector graphic editor Curves Gradient Texture Vectors Blend modes Drop shadows Flattening Sharpen Photo Eraser Adjust color/intensity, clarity, shadows/highlights, brightness Luminosity Blend modes Drop Shadows Mask Motion tracking 9 filters Effects Artistic Basic, Dehaze, Distort, Grunge, Gradient, Guassian blur, Picture Adjust, Raw, Repair Photoshop CS4: Organize and edit images Manage layers, controls, clipping, etc Create custom brushes and palettes Transform New Features Adjust color/intensity, clarity, shadows/highlights, brightness Luminosity Blend modes Drop shadows Sharpen Photo Eraser Adjust color/intensity, clarity, shadows/highlights, brightness Luminosity Blend modes Drop Shadows Mask Motion tracking 9 filters Effects Artistic Basic, Dehaze, Distort, Grunge, Gradient, Grunge blur, Highlight, Gradient lighting, Gradient Fill, Gradient Intensity, Gradient Lighting, Granite, Motion Blur, Pictorial, and Spatter Curves Image Stabilizer Picture Adjust Photoshop CS5: Organize and edit images a681f4349e

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the construction and selection of appropriate responses. Read More » «At least some of the ingenuity and innovation of the New Enclaves really stems from this innovation effort — and the hope is that similar experiments in the future will result in more understandings about the kinds of environments in which people thrive, and how to replicate them,» Hall said. For some, this might be a first step to creating a more robust posthuman society. For others, it might be just the beginning of a long journey towards the ultimate goal of full autonomy. «The New Enclaves are not meant to be more permanent than the old enclaves — but part of a strategy to educate, empower and inspire transhumans about the wider potential of our species once we have transcended the barriers of physical biology,» Cardelli said. «What’s good for the baby is good for the community, and it will also benefit the world.» Transhumanism: Why Decentralizing Isn’t the Only Answer May 7, 2017 by Mike Goguen Photo by Lauren Fleity While the rise of the New Enclaves has reenergized the DIY spirit and action of many transhumanists, others are inspired by a different set of motives. «The belief in ‘technological Singularity’ is a very real and widespread one, to the point where it is sometimes repeated as fact by prominent thought leaders in the field. The majority of these Singularitarians, however, see the approach as somewhat limited, since it doesn’t challenge all the drawbacks of traditional, centralized economies. They want to get around this, and ensure that the New Enclaves can stay put for the long haul,” Cardelli says. For them, the New Enclaves represent the positive side of decentralization. «By de-centering the commitment to decentralization into something that could be gained and sustained by large population groups rather than lone digital entrepreneurs, the Singularitarians can achieve much that they previously could not. It’s very possible that these kinds of Utopias will be developed and spread by Singularitarians, and the transhumanist movement as a whole, rather than by groups of hackers or lone citizens acting to begin with. This would be a major step forward.» The Rise of the Single Cell May 10, 2017 by Mike Goguen Photo

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