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Although professionals often use Photoshop and Adobe-only programs, I don’t like to discourage anyone from using alternative software and encourage you to experiment with new programs. (Note that Photoshop runs on both Macs and PCs.) Though Photoshop is quite powerful, it isn’t always the best tool for every need — PhotoShop Elements is designed to make digital photos look just like 35mm film, for example. PhotoShop Pro can even do motion graphics and more. Understanding the File Format When you open a file for editing, it initially appears as a series of layers where you can change the properties of the image. Later, you add further layers with filters and settings for controlling more aspects of the image. The layers are all one of two type: Pixel layers — Pixel layers hold the physical pixels of the photo, so you can change their attributes. In most cases, you can change their position and color or make them transparent. Adjustment layers — Adjustment layers are a different type of layer, which enable you to apply effects to the image that affect the layer’s transparency, such as vignetting, blur, and so on. Generally, each layer is in a format that’s separate from each other layer. You can place a layer on top of another layer or have several layers stacked in a single group; the layers act as a single logical unit. Layers in Photoshop are layered objects. The layers form part of a photograph’s underlying image, and you can work on the image’s individual layers in a series of logical steps. When you’re done editing, you save the final result, which usually changes the original format of the layers. In this chapter, I show you how to create and manage layers in the PhotoShop editing program. I also take a look at a few special formats used by Photoshop, including images and effects, and how you can use filters to change the way your images look. I also cover how to use layers and filters in both the old and new versions of PhotoShop and give you a good overview of layer groups and how you can use adjustment layers to add creative effects to your images. Introducing Layers To edit the layers in PhotoShop, you create new layers. The new layer is a logical, empty space on the layer over which you’ll place another layer to add additional aspects of the image, such as color or a vignette effect. The layers appear in a workspace as illustrated in Figure 2-1

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The better alternatives to Photoshop are free to download and have free trial versions available. Adobe Photoshop CC Adobe Photoshop has become the de facto standard for Adobe’s popular desktop software, and rightly so. Everything from complex retouching and Adobe Photoshop Lightroom to simple image editing is easily accomplished, and is very powerful, without a great deal of the complexity of the older Photoshop versions that came before. Starting at $199, it can be an investment. But if you’re looking for the most powerful image editor available, and one that you can rely on to edit images for photo books, magazines, websites and social media — it’s hard to beat. If you’re the kind of person who relies on Photoshop to make you look your best, you need Photoshop. Read more: Best software for making 3D modelsBoats — Trawler Types — Laser Ace Boats Laser Ace The laser ace is our premium range of trawlers from under 8 meters long to over 22 meters long. The laser Ace trawler is designed to be the most cost effective solution for your offshore business, delivering an on-the-water solution that removes the complexities and efficiencies of being an offshore business owner. Our laser Ace range is designed to be the most cost effective solution for your offshore business, delivering an on-the-water solution that removes the complexities and efficiencies of being an offshore business owner. A new ‘platform’ style is designed to provide a wide range of dock access locations. The standard platform is 8m long, with a raft to provide more deck space for larger parties. The raft can be added at an extra cost. Larger rafts can provide more deck space and can also be customised to suit the client’s requirements. For a more professional look, we can also provide ‘G-Wings’, which improve the look of the boat. G-Wings are a safety device that deflects the wake in certain circumstances. We can also fit a large range of options to personalise the boat to your company identity. There are a variety of custom features and finishes that can be fitted, including cabins, entertainment systems and hydraulic scupper pumps. Features Skipper lounge with head and aft/aft cabin Galley Handrails Loft hatch with electric access to top deck/w 388ed7b0c7

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