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This book provides you with a guide to Photoshop’s many features and provides training tutorials that teach you everything from drawing, retouching, and color correction to graphics, logos, and posters. But it also contains plenty of projects using Photoshop to manipulate and create hundreds of traditional or digital art images. Sometimes, you may not want to share your images online. You may be the only one to work on a final image or you may be working on an image for a client who wants to retain a likeness of it. In addition, uploading an image online shares image information and may make a person look like an impersonator. Use of Photoshop’s file-saving tools enables you to print the image from your computer monitor and have it saved locally, ready for sharing only when you are ready. Understanding Photoshop’s Components Photoshop is made up of several components. Some of these components are so closely linked to each other that they work together. Others of them work in tandem only when using them together. While Photoshop is only one program, it has many components, including various drawing tools, graphics-editing tools, color-adjustment tools, and other types of tools. Figure 4-1 shows the Photoshop workspace and how you work using these components. **Figure 4-1:** The toolbars and workspace make editing and creating images using Photoshop fast and easy. The following sections briefly describe the various Photoshop components and how to use them. Hand tools You can use Photoshop’s other components with the aid of the numerous selection and hand tools. They are easy to use and highly efficient tools that can be used separately or in combination with each other. The various hand tools are as follows: Hand tools include selection tools, color tools, and a few drawing tools. The selection tools include the lasso and rectangle tools, but you also use them to select an area of pixels. You can use the Eraser tool to paint over the objects you select and remove an area. This tool is a powerful tool when used correctly; however, you must be careful not to accidentally erase entire areas of pixels. You can also drag the Brush tool out of the toolbox and use it to select some areas to paint and then erase others. The Eyedropper tool is a big help in selecting colors quickly and accurately. You can also use the eyedropper in the Swatch palette to sample the color in your image and transfer it into the swatch.

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Features Like Photoshop, Photoshop Elements includes a wide range of tools. It has many of the features found in traditional Photoshop, such as; brush, eraser, airbrush, text, drawing, 3D, color, effects, lens correction, blending, filters, adjustments, selection, cloning, and image manipulation features. Photoshop Elements 10 has several major enhancements in many areas. The emphasis in the tools is on dynamic contrast and color. The brush is improved, the spatter brush and Soften brush are improved and has extra sliders for adjusting brush strokes (e.g. size, hardness, etc.). The two-way color picker has been improved and can now create a swatch from any color. While Photoshop is more centered around creating finished images, Photoshop Elements was designed to be a feature-rich tool to make editing and tweaking images easier. The focus is on editing and enhancing images, in particular, as a tool to help photographers, graphic designers, web designers and visual artists. Pre-installed filters The Pre-installed filters offered in Photoshop Elements 10 are: Brightness/Contrast — Enhance images to look more natural. — Enhance images to look more natural. Refine Edge — Enhance edges of photos, enhance details, reduce noise and sharpen. — Enhance edges of photos, enhance details, reduce noise and sharpen. Noise Reduction — Reduce noise in images to make your photos sharper. — Reduce noise in images to make your photos sharper. Posterization — Make your photos more like poster prints. — Make your photos more like poster prints. Smudge tool — Smudge tools are useful for retouching photos, correcting mistakes, and adding artistic touch. — Smudge tools are useful for retouching photos, correcting mistakes, and adding artistic touch. Sharpen — Enhance the sharpness and contrast of photos. — Enhance the sharpness and contrast of photos. Artistic Touch — Increase the appearance of detail and vibrance, reduce yellow noise, color invert, darken, lighten and blur. Photoshop Elements has fewer features than the more full-featured Photoshop or Photoshop Creative Cloud. However, with the list of filters and its suite of other tools, it also has a significant amount of features. The following Photoshop Elements tools have also been added: Vector Magic — Turn any brush into a vector brush. — Turn any brush into a vector brush. 388ed7b0c7

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* **Corrective**. This tool lets you correct mistakes on the image. Depending on the tool, you can fix black spots or dust on the photo. The size of the tool lets you choose the area of the photo you want to correct, and the tool works on both images and layers. * **Eraser**. This tool allows you to select areas of an image and then erase them in order to retouch a photo. You can also use the eraser tool to blur areas of a photo, as we’ll discuss later in this chapter. * **Fills**. You can use these tools to make a selection inside the image, then fill the entire selection with a solid color. You can also fill selections with gradient patterns. * **Guides**. When you add a new layer in Photoshop, you can add guides, lines or arrows on the new layer to help you properly position and scale images in the document. * **Paint Bucket**. This tool is a handy way to select pixels that are outside of the layer you have selected. You can then use these pixels to paint and apply effects or to create a pattern or brush that you can use to alter the selected pixels in the image. * **Pen Tool**. You can use the pen tool to create lines and curves, add visual effects to your image, and even create and edit text. * **Profile**. You can use the Profile command to create and apply virtual backgrounds for use with images. * **Rectangular Selection Tool**. You can use this tool to select a rectangular area in the photo and then bring it back to its original position. * **Selective Color**. You can use this tool to brighten up or darken down areas of an image. * **Spot Healing Brush**. This tool is similar to the healing tool we discuss later in this chapter. It helps you remove unwanted spots from an image. * **Text**. You can use this tool to edit text on the layer or to add text to an image in order to create custom titles for an image or a page. * **Vector Tools**. These tools allow you to create and edit vector graphics. We’ll discuss these tools in Chapter 13. Photoshop does more than just help you fix and retouch photos—it can also help you design custom graphics. Here’s

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Minimum: OS: Windows XP (SP2) Processor: 1 GHz or faster Memory: 1 GB RAM Graphics: 3D accelerator with 128 MB or more video memory is recommended. Hard Disk: 30 MB available space Additional Notes: Internet Explorer 6.0.2 or later is required for use of the CD-Key activation/activation key Recommended: Processor: 1.8 GHz or faster Memory: 2 GB RAM