Access Recovery Toolbox is a lightweight software solution that can easily restore *.accdb and *.mdb documents after their corruption because of accidental power supply disconnection or any other issue. The current version provides you with the following actions: Recovering of the table structure (columns and indexes). Recovering of the table data. Recovering of queries (except for ones from forms and reports). Recovering of relations (except for ones created for viewing only). Access Recovery Toolbox repairs all database sections, stored in mdf files, including relations, queries, table data and table structure. Please note that there are some exceptions and you should take a closer look at the description of Access Recovery Toolbox before proceeding with the evaluation of database recovery program. Users can repair damaged mdb files in several easy steps, we believe that the recovery of Microsoft Access databases is simplified as much as possible and our customers never encounter issues with Access Recovery Toolbox. The evaluation of database recovery tool is the fastest and easiest way to get more information about the service of mdb restore. Open Access Recovery Toolbox when ready by clicking its shortcut and prepare to repair affected documents by selecting the source file of *.accdb or *.mdb format. After this you can start the analysis of damaged documents, this step is performed automatically and you should not modify any parameters during the parsing of database file.   Just wait for the end of procedure and do not interrupt it, otherwise the recovery of Microsoft Access files should be started from the very beginning. After the end of Access Recovery Toolbox execution please look through the data that was successfully restored and evaluate the results. Take into account that the program does not modify the Access documents.







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* Recovery of table structure and table data. * Re-creating of relations and queries. * Recovery of table views and reports. Feel free to ask a question in the support forum so we can help you with any further queries. Are you a developer? Create a database migration package for SQL Server The Microsoft SQL Server Migration Assistant for Access is an executable that provides the ability to migrate Access and Excel databases and tables to SQL Server 2000 and SQL Server 2005 databases. Creating an Access Migration package using the Migration Assistant for Access 1.You can select the subject of migration in Access: the tables in the Access database, the Access Data base default, the folder, the workbook, the module, the interfaces or the form. 2.Select the type of migration you want to perform: Update, Insert or Delete. 3.The Access Migration package is created and stored in the specified location. 4.You can run the package manually from a SQL Server database. Evaluation of Microsoft Access Migration Assistant for SQL Server During the evaluation of the Migration Assistant for Access, the following tasks are performed. 1.The functionality of the Access Migration Assistant for SQL Server are fully functioning. 2.The migration assistant restores the Access tables and columns, and if changes were made in the imported tables, the changes are also imported into the destination database. 3.The data source is the current state of the source database that was used for migration, as a result of the migration, the data in the destination database will be the latest state of the source database. 4.The changes that are performed on the data are not permanent, when the package is converted to SQL Server 2000 or SQL Server 2005, the changes will not be permanent. 5.Package migration for both Access and SQL Server will be performed on the same database. It is not possible to migrate from SQL Server to Access and vice versa. 6.The package doesn’t update object properties. When you open the package, you can query the database for updated columns. Installation Download the migration assistant for Access from the Microsoft download site. Unzip and run the MigrationAssistant.exe file. Specifics You need to determine the

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This application can check and repair a damaged accdb file or mdb file which contains various database objects. The objects can be tables, queries or forms. The ACCDB files are usually stored in \examples\yourpath\accdb\ folder. The application is provided to repair corrupted.mdb files and.accdb files. In order to repair Microsoft Access database files, all you need to do is to select the source ACCDB or MDB file and click the Start button. After the operation is complete, you will be informed. You can then evaluate the recovery results, as detailed below.  * Table Structure: * With the assistance of Access Recovery Toolbox Crack Free Download, table structure can be recovered. You can easily select each table in the database and recover the columns, indexes and constraints. * Table data: * With the assistance of Access Recovery Toolbox, you can easily restore the database columns and primary keys. Any change in MDF file and the database tables will not be affected.  * Queries: * Recover the queries which were made by forms and reports. Any query is not affected by the Access Recovery Toolbox, but the form and report data will be restored. * Tables: * Restore table structure, index, primary keys, constraints etc. and other elements of the tables. All changes are just to restore tables and tables are the same with the original ones. * Relations: * Restore relations in database tables. Any changes in MDF file and the database tables will not be affected.  So, you can use Access Recovery Toolbox to recover damaged Access database files. Access Recovery Toolbox Screenshot Note : Access Recovery Toolbox is provided as a free demo version, it is free to try before you buy. But please be aware that it will not allow you to create a new database file. To remove the demo version and get full access to the program please purchase the full version. Access Recovery Toolbox user interface Access Recovery Toolbox supported formats Table structure, data and relation recovery What’s New in the new version: Improved backup and restore using the accdb or mdb format by SQL queries, accdb files can be listed and selected for backup or restore Now the program can restore a damaged accdb file to a new accdb file or vice versa, and a damaged mdb file to a new mdb file or vice versa without any deminimus! b7e8fdf5c8

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=============  .accdb files are the most common format used for Microsoft Access databases. It was released by Microsoft in 1995. File extensions used for *.accdb documents are: ​.mdb,.accdrw,.accdb,.accdrs, and mdb. Microsoft Access databases are stored in access database files (*.accdb, *.mdb).   .accdb files can be saved in common file formats, such as: ​.accdrw, *.accdb, *.accdrs, *.mdb, *.mdw, *.mdz.  The following are the main benefits of ​Access database: . Full-featured data model. . Data storage. . Visual presentation. . Forms and reports.   .mdb files are an extended version of ​.accdb files. It was released by Microsoft in 2002. It is a file extension used for *.mdb documents. File format used for *.mdb documents is:​.mdw,.accdb,.accdrw,.accdb,.accdr,.accdrs, and mdb.   .mdb files have the same features as ​.accdb files, but they are smaller and faster. They are used for a variety of information storage and retrieval applications and for storing large amounts of data.   .mdw format was developed by Microsoft for Microsoft Office Word 2007. It was released in 2007. Main features: . Supported all Microsoft Office 2007 features. . Print, scan, email, and web-enable documents. . Search, search, embedded, and merge.  Key Features =========== . You can repair damaged accdb files that can’t be opened in Microsoft Access 2012 or in older versions of Microsoft Access. . Accdb documents from Access before version 2007 are supported. . The program provides the capacity to recover from data corruption, including loss of data and corruption of the original file. . The program is free and can repair ​.accdb and ​.mdb documents of different versions. . Accdb files that are saved in *.accdrw and *.accdr format are supported. . A product repair service is provided for customers. . archives are provided for those who download the program from the Internet. . The program is available in English, German, Spanish, Romanian, Greek, and Czech. .

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Operational Microsoft Access database users should always keep data backups ready. This is a basic necessity in order to quickly perform a recovery in case of a problem with primary data storage. Access Recovery Toolbox is a handy tool for quick and easy repair of Microsoft Access 2000–2016 databases.  When the complete databases can not be opened with an error “The database is in use. Check the status of other programs that are using it” or any other similar error, you can use a recovery tool which can repair damage tables and restore damaged records. Access Recovery Toolbox is a simple, easy and fast tool for database repair. Access Recovery Toolbox is a method of repairing damaged *.accdb files. This tool fully recovers damaged or missing user forms, reports and queries from mdb database structure. This software allows you to check the accessibility of a damaged database and restore information you can use. To repair a damaged Access database is a very easy task with Access Recovery Toolbox. Use Access Recovery Toolbox to repair damaged and corrupted Access databases and get access to the inaccessible data. Access Recovery Toolbox is ready to work with all versions of Microsoft Access installed on your PC. This utility can quickly check damaged documents and restore information from the table structure, queries and user forms and reports, and restore them to Access databases. Access Recovery Toolbox is your backup tool for Microsoft Access databases. The utility makes a data backup of your documents, queries, tables, user forms and reports. This is very important and necessary action to ensure that you don’t lose something, and you’ll be able to restore all the information in your broken database. When you have a problem with corrupted or damaged documents, tables, queries, user forms, reports and views in your Access databases, try Access Recovery Toolbox. You can easily repair damaged Access databases and get access to the inaccessible data. Recover data from table, queries and user forms and reports. All the content of the databases will be easily accessible again. The program completely recovers data from the table, queries, and user forms and reports and returns it to the former state. Access Recovery Toolbox works only with MS Access 2003–2016. When your Microsoft Access document can not be opened, the utility is the best solution for you to recover the inaccessible data and continue work. After you complete the analysis of your damaged database, you can check and repair the table structure, relations, user forms, reports, queries and data.

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Minimum: OS: Windows 7 SP1 64bit Processor: Intel Core i5-2500K @ 3.30 GHz or AMD FX-6300 @ 4.5 GHz Memory: 8GB RAM Graphics: DirectX 11 compatible GPU with 512MB VRAM Storage: 7GB available space Sound Card: DirectX 11 compatible sound card with working S/PDIF Additional Notes: Camera: DirectX 11 compatible HD-video camera and microphone recommended Network: Broadband internet connection Recommended: