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A yellow highlighter will indicate the outline of a region that you will have to apply the Liquify tool (image in the right). Like the pro version, Photoshop Elements 16 includes the Liquify tool, which can turn an image into a painting, elongate an image to make it seem bigger or smaller, and make the entire image fit an arbitrary region. The free version includes the following features: 3D Tracing An old feature that is now a basic part of Elements. You can use it to modify a model using one image, or you can animate or record a 3D model. 3D Tracing in Elements 16 Create a New Smart Object The new smart objects behave as their normal counterparts, but they lack the “use” parameters. This does not mean they are not very useful. This feature allows you to duplicate images and apply filter effects without changing the original. You can also select multiple layers of a photo and then convert them to a smart object using the new “Convert to Smart Object” command. You can then use all the effects you would normally apply to the layer. Advanced Selection You can select multiple layers in the Layers window and choose the “Make selection from one or more layers” (image on the left). You can use this feature to isolate a part of an image or make a selection of a specific color. Make selection from one or more layers New filter effects The new filter effects are: Hue and Saturation Distort Black and White Black and White with negative Distorted Black and White (experimental) 7 New filter effects in Photoshop Elements 16 Adjustment Layer You can create an Adjustment layer, which is similar to the Layer Style, and apply different effects to the Adjustment layer. You can also reverse the effects. This is a very useful tool for basic adjustments such as lightening or darkening images, or adding vibrance to a picture. Adjustment Layer Layer Comps Create a new image and then use the new “Convert to Smart Object” command. This feature includes commands to add or subtract an image or give it a new style. You can add layer styles to different parts of the image. Vignettes Photographers use “vignettes” to 05a79cecff

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Q: How to generate fake review in Ruby on Rails I’m new to rails. I’m designing a Web Application, where people can write the review for products. Suppose if I have a Product model, where I have the fields name, website, and the reviews belongs_to. When someone writes the review, the website will be captured and assign to the reviews. My question is How to create a module called Review and write review function inside it. def review ??? end I’d like to understand how to write the review function and check if there is any new review every time. If there is, I’d like to also update the website of the Product which has the review. I’ve started to work on the review and couldn’t figure out where to start. Please help me A: take a look at the guide. Your Review model should have: before_create :assign_url def assign_url =… end also, take a look at this. Q: Python: Injecting characters into a file I know this is a basic question, but I’m new to Python and I can’t seem to figure it out. How can I inject the «%» symbol into a file? My problem is as follows: I have a file containing a single element like this: «%dadb%e4b» I would like to replace all the «%» symbols with the symbol «>» I’ve tried » >», «>>>», but it doesn’t seem to work. It seems the string is only defined once and can’t be changed. Any ideas? Thanks A: Get rid of the double quotes around the string. Also try: «%dadb%e4b» to «%dadb%e4b» See here for more information. A: The string must be all one single line. If you run this on two lines, it’ll be split into two strings, and so you’ll end up with a string with a «%» in it, which is

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Q: Finding data elements based on a value within array and its position I am constructing a gaming site. On this site, players can collect tokens for certain conditions they meet during the game. One token can have up to ten conditions. The four relevant ones are the following: Lucky Strike. Players get one Lucky Strike token every 6 turns Struggle. Players get one Struggle token every 4 turns Win. Players get one Win token every 2 turns Underdog. Players get one Underdog token every 4 turns As a game progresses, players will keep adding Lucky Strikes, Struggles and Wins tokens to their card until the game ends and they get their final payout. However, the Underdog token can only be applied during the first four turns of the game. Example: After the first 4 turns, Player 1 has Lucky Strike, Struggle, Win and Underdog tokens. After the next 6 turns, Player 2 will get 6 tokens as well. To apply an Underdog token at a certain turn, one needs to determine if the player has 5 or more tokens. I want to be able to show the Underdog token on the players’ cards by identifying the tokens that the player has based on their turn, i.e. turn token condition ——————————— 4 Lucky Strike 5 8 Struggler 6 8 Underdog 6 Question: How do I go about using PHP to get this information and arrange it in the way I described above? Note: The tokens are stored in the database with fields like ID, player_ID, type and condition. A: In any language, you would need to determine the last turn and the number of tokens that you currently have. The player details could be maintained in a data structure like this: struct Player { int tokenCount; int lastTurn; } Your condition would be the value of the tokens. If it is underdog, you would have a boolean true or false, and if it is the other conditions you could set the value to an integer representing the number of tokens. The condition could be determined by checking the count of all your tokens and using an if statement

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EASIEST TO PLAY The absolute easiest way to enjoy the game is to play on Medium Difficulty (and use the NO END RPG MOD). On Medium Difficulty, the game is relatively easy, not really challenging, and if you die, you don’t have to start all over again. That, and the game is meant to be easy to understand and easy to play. Most people will get the game running right away. If you do get stuck with the game on Medium Difficulty, then try getting to Hard or Very Hard and then try playing