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Recently, you may be interested in the following software categories:Generally, it is known to include a conductor loop in a building to detect the occupancy of a selected area in which a television receiver is to be mounted. Detecting the occupancy of such a selected area is accomplished by closing switches in a television receiver, or by closing and opening switches in a receiver-actuating device. While the present invention finds wide application to the detection of occupancy of any selected space, it is especially suited for occupancy detection in a television receiver, and to that end will be described with particular reference thereto. In a conventional television receiver, an antenna, tuner, etc. are connected to the terminals of a speaker, and the audio components of the receiver. Amplification of the audio signals is carried out in the receiver, and the output of the receiver is connected to a speaker. An indicator light is ordinarily provided to indicate when the television receiver is turned on and operating. Alternatively, a transmitter may be provided which transmits a signal to the video components of the receiver. In that manner, the receiver need not be turned on in order for the audio and video components to receive signals. In this alternative, the audio and video components are connected to input terminals of a speaker in a receiver. The output of the receiver is connected to the audio components and to a transmitter. The transmitter is connected to a power source, and a controlling circuit is provided to control the power supplied to the audio and video components of the receiver. The control circuit may comprise microprocessors, or ROM’s, or the like. When the television receiver is turned on and the proper channels are being selected by the tuner, the audio and video components are energized. If the receiver is turned on and no appropriate channels are being received, or if the receiver is turned on and any of the channel selections are out of range, the audio and video components are not energized. The indicator light will thus indicate that the receiver is on, and the audio and video components should be turned on for the receiver to operate. In order for a television receiver to be mounted in a selected area, the presence of a conductor loop in the selected area is typically detected to control the channel selection of the receiver. If the conductor loop is closed in the selected area, proper channel selection will cause the appropriate voltage to be supplied to the audio components of the receiver. If the conductor loop is open, it is assumed that the selected area is not occupied by a receiver, and the channel selection

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